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Mama Mia, this ain’t easy

I honestly never envisioned myself as a mother– all my friends know this to be true. I don’t see children as cute, endearing beings that warm the heart and fulfill the soul. On the contrary, I see babies as being smaller versions of adults. I hold the same expectations for them as I do an adult. I know this is irrational, and 95% of the time I am hugely disappointed by the behavior of children. Children act in two extremes, those who are too stupid to rationalize things in an intelligent manner, often focusing on their own minute world, and even worse those children who are more deductive, who think they know how to manipulate the emotions of actual adults. To summarize, my relationship with children is much the same as my relationship with cats, I don’t like them and they in turn do not like me.

On the other hand, I truly love dogs. I have no expectations of them, except that they refrain from eating me, and they 95% of the time do not disappoint. More frequently, they impress me with their skills, and their unconditional love.

When I adopted my Pancakes, I took on all the protectiveness and adoration that a mother would have for her child. It was as if I carried her in my own womb for 9 months, and was fortuitous enough not to get the stretch marks or baby fat that comes with it. It’s been seven months caring for her. I have glimpsed the ups and downs of motherhood and am continually more respectful of mothers around the world.

Tonight after working ten hours, then going out for two games of bowling (of which I have played one of the best games of my life), my neglect back-fired in a tremendous way. My baby-girl was projectile pooping and puking all over the place. I could not be mad though– despite my exhaustion. Instead, I was concerned. While cleaning up the most vile pukepoop combination, I still comforted my dog to ease her apparent stress and felt like perhaps the most  inadequate caretaker on the face of the world.

This makes me especially sensitive to the trials my mother must have gone through during my childhood. She and I did not always agree, but I can see in retrospect she always did her best to do good by my brother and me.
I can only hope to do half as well as my mother did,  and don’t think I could do enough in the few years she probably has left (she is currently battling bone-cancer) to show her how I feel. I hope at some point I can be eloquent enough to express my gratitude to her and show her that I appreciate the many sacrifices she has made to make me a whole person.

So, I sit here typing this blog with my baby-equivalent sleeping perfectly undisturbed as my legs go numb from her weight, I encourage you all to consider the hardships your mother went through and remind you that Mother’s day is fast approaching. What will you do for the mother in your life?


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Holla!! It’s unpaid though, blah…. but I’m wicked excited! A friend of mine, who is trying to pursue an acting career, contacted me the other day to see if I would be interested in being in a movie. Of course I said HELL YEA! No speaking lines or anything… but I’m going to be a part of the entourage for an Asian mafia…. So yea i’m gonna be a badass Asian gangster chick!!! (hmm Asian gangs… not stereotypical at all, lol) There’s no release date yet but the trailer is out! The movie is going to be sent out to all the film festivals once it’s finished. If they choose the movie to be shown in France, Toronto, etc, we could get a chance to go to the movie premiere and walk the red carpet! We’ll be shooting this weekend~

Now if I walk into an interview and they ask me to mention something interesting about myself… I can say I was in a movie  B-)

I – AM – STOKED (to say the least)


Website: www.connedthemovie.com

Starring: Wally Carlson, Rosa Vazquez, John Cleary, Robert DiCicco, Christopher Tranchina, Lou Fuoco, Hilary Barraford, Jonathan Pierce, Jim Sullivan, Chris Connolly, John McGinty, Rudi Anna, Michael Malvesti, Heidi Rhodes, Talia Russo

Screenplay & Directing by: Arther Luhn

Produced by: Johnathan Carlson

Plot Outline: One of the hottest, cutting-edge, high-octane action comedy indie movie to come out of Boston in a long time! Follow us and find out what the hype is all about!

The Boston Underworld is too small for all the eccentric and dysfunctional gangsters that have yet to be jailed, and there’s only one big prize left, the biggest horse race that everyone knows is fixed. They are desperate to cash out on it, not knowing they are about to be conned, in a nasty twist that leaves everyone stunned!


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Everyday something new or recurring causes me to feel negative emotions… and so causes me to stress. I’ve started to grow white hair! Fortunately, I’m not the type to dwell in negativity or bring the mood of others down with me. I like smiling and laughing! And if I’m by myself just having a sense of calm makes me happy.

Piano music never fails me. I can’t explain how amazing and uplifting the feeling I get is when I’m listening to the piano. It gives me the most simple, beautiful and greatest escape from… everything! All I have to do is put on my earphones and the soothing sounds wash over me like a wave and unties all my knots.  =)

My favorite is South Korean Pianist and Composer, Yiruma. I’ve been listening to him for about 6 years now and he’s extremely talented in what he does… I would marry him if I could (and if he wasn’t already married, hah).

A few of my favorites from him:

Piano accompanied by strings = perfection


His most well known piece (and my #1 favorite)

Enjoy ^_^

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What kind of job environment do you want to work in? Personally, I know I want to work somewhere with the following criteria:

  • Smart, friendly, creative and inspiring co-workers (a mentor would also be nice)
  • Ability to work on many projects for different clients
  • Growth opportunities
  • Recognition
  • Easily accessible (transportation)
  • Well-known corporation
  • Interior Design

There are two issues I want to bring to your attention concerning job environment:

1. Cubicles: There is a trend of open space offices. It is believed that open space fosters transparency and collaboration. Grey’s Group had a tough transition into this style as they have hired a business psychologist to hold  “space therapy” sessions to ease any concerns and anxiety attacks. I love open space because it’s feels inclusive and it is easier to talk to your co-workers, but I hate it because I feel like my co-workers can see EVERYTHING I AM DOING! It definitely pressures me into not checking out Facebook and Perez Hilton. Do you think that open space is not a viable option for some industries (i.e. Accounting) or do you think that it is the future? Are you a cubicle or open space kind of person?


Grey's Group

Click the link for information on the Evolution of Office Space

2. Interior Design: Does the interior design of your company matter? This is one criterion that is becoming more prevalent as I’ve continued my internship whirlwind. I’ve worked in companies where 8 interns sit together in one room, the size of a dining room, with arms basically smacking each other with each movement and piles of paper spilling from under our chairs; where the walls are gray and cubicles are not decorated; where there is a cafeteria that served free coffee and tea and has beautiful artistry on the wall. Interior design isn’t one of my primary concerns, but it’s getting there. Here are a few corporate interior design examples that are EYE CATCHING AND TAUNTING ME TO APPLY FOR JOBS THERE.

Google Zurich

White Mountain Office

Pallotta Teamworks

Selgas Cano Architecture

JWT New York

Click the link for information on more awe-inspiring offices.

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A German agency has decided to venture into “flyvertising.” Yes, it is exactly what you think! In this particular campaign for Eichborn, a publishing company, the agency attached tiny banner ads to flies during the Frankfurt book fair.

PETA don’t fret. The flies are not harmed during the procedure! (Banners are attached with an adhesive that naturally dissolves)

Creative as it may be, I think that as with every fad, this will die out quickly. I don’t know any norman human being who has a particular interest in flies and would willing allow flies to land on his or her body part. I, for one, am a fly newspaper swatter.

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Dose of Pancakes

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These pieces are located at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. The graffiti was done on the “Icon Wall” where many artists who have performed at the venue in their 138 year history are depicted. This was all a part of their Graffiti and Street Art exhibition that was launched for 1 day in June of ’09.

On another note, Royal Albert Hall is an amazing venue! I imagine being able to perform there would be a glorifying experience for any artist. The Hall was first opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 and was named Royal Albert after her deceased husband, Prince Albert.

More information on the hall can be found here.

Oh how I would love to experience how amazing music would sound in this place!


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