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Have you seen this movie? It’s not necessarily a marvel of cinema, but it got me thinking about this very blog. In it Julie, played by Amy Adams, is a 30 year old government worker stuck during work hours in a cubicle having her very soul sucked by people who think their issues are the most important in the universe. Ha! Rings true in so many ways. She starts a blog where she cooks her way through Julia Child’s cooking book. She gives herself a year and blogs about it every day.

But, back to my blog– as of late, I have been dry in topics of interest. I think perhaps it’s because I have no focus? I left the topic of this blog open-ended because I thought it would help me be limitless in my writing. I think though, the vast expanse of topics in the world make it even harder to feel satisfied about what it is I should write about. What should my goal be? Should I create a project? Would it be interesting to follow me in a conquest against something i would never otherwise do? Or should I just continue what I’ve been doing? Photos of places I go to, random ramblings and of course photo of pancakes??

Well, I have a few upcoming life things that will become blog-worthy:
* I will turn 23 in May, can you believe it!? 23!… Can I believe it!? no!
Lady Gaga is 23 and already she’s done so much. Gosh she makes me feel like I’m inadequate as a Gaea contributor! Anyway, I told myself when I turn 23 I will study for the GMAT or GRE’s– and get myself into Grad school for economics. As of yet, I don’t know how to do this. Please all you out there who have done this, comment and teach me!

* In June, I will go to China. Yes, for the first time. It will be one of my very first legitimate vacations– getting back to my roots. It will be full of pictures of places, and FOOD. It will be delicious fun!

Well, I guess that’s it, but let me know if I should continue on this way, or if I should put some serious thought towards creating a project, like training to run a 5K or finally figuring out how to decorate my apartment or read the entire dictionary (Word of the day: Backbiter– N.  malicious talk about someone who is not present.).

Let me know!


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321 Water is a water bottle that has a unique plunger mechanism with a built-in filter, so you can fill it from any tap to produce filtered water. The design is beautiful.

Levi's Pop-Up Closet - Belgium. One piece of direct mail that I would NEVER throw away

Fitness First - Netherlands. When a person sits down, the scale displays her weight. if this was in Boston, I would never sit down on a bench again. Weight = Private

Ikea - Paris. Furniture collections are displayed in high-traffic spots, giving the potential customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out the products.

Would you have the balls to sit on this?

Chiquita Banana. Some cool fruits I'd like to get my hands on.

Burger King – Brazil’s take on “Have It Your Way.” A secret camera at a BK restaurants took customers’ pictures. Their photos were then printed instantly onto the wrappers of their freshly made burgers, giving a super personal meaning to “having it their way.”

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Let’s play an association game.

California: sun, beaches, silicone, UCLA, beautiful people, amazing dance crews, Hollywood…how about racism?

Over Presidents’ Day 2010 Weekend, some University of California San Diego (UCSD) frat boys threw a off-campus party titled “Compton’s Cookout” to mockingly commemorate Black History month and promised guests a taste of “life in the ghetto.”

After this was brought to the public light, many more acts of hatred occurred:

  • frat student Mike Randazzo posted up an event for “Compton Cookout Part II”
  • campus TV station featured a campus satire supporting the parties and using THE racial slur
  • female student hung a noose in the library. Her explanation: “I found a small piece of rope on the ground earlier in the day…. My friend then took the rope and tied it into a noose. I innocently marveled at his ability to tie a noose.”
  • white pillowcase fashioned into a KKK-style hood with a hand-drawn symbol was found on a Dr. Seuss statue
  • eruptions of hate crimes in other UC schools

UC Riverside

UC Davis LGBT Resource Center

The school’s reaction? Battle Hate,an anti-racism campaign. This PR move came a little too late. THIS IS NATIONAL NEWS!

Students believe that one way to decrease racism is to admit more minorities. UCSD enrolled the smallest number of black freshmen last fall – 46 students out of a class of 3,749. No offense, but I feel like minorities are not going to want to go to a school known for discrimination. In fact, this will make them think twice about going here, letting UCSD remain as one of the least diverse colleges. I’m a minority and upon hearing this story, if I were a high school senior trying to select colleges, UCSD would not be on my list.

Racism REALLY upsets me. It is a touchy topic. When I hear stories of these acts, I feel a pit in the gut of my belly and I want to cry for these people. It’s 2010 people. When will racism fully end? Never? It’s even more aggravating because a Pew survey states that “the public — young and old alike — thinks the younger generation is more racially tolerant than their elders.”

You would think after years of being hit with knowledge about slavery, racism throughout 1800 and 1900, and growing up in a diverse melting pot, our generation, to say the least, would not act like this.

To read more, go to http://stopracismucsd.wordpress.com/

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It doesn’t have quite the ring that Summer Summer Summer has, which was my original title for this blog entry, but alas I remembered it’s still Winter!

Still, the sun feels good on my very pale skin.

I listened to Rocky Votolato’s song “White Daisy Passing”

The album “Makers” was my summer anthem for 2006. The song brought me back to a comforting zone. 2006 was a pretty good year. My life was fun; my days were warm. In retrospect, I had very little worries.

Where is this summer going to take me? Will I ever be so care-free?


P.S. Your daily dose of Pancakes

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Are you one of millions who overshare on Facebook, Twitter, your away messages, or just about anything that can get attention? What if your information got into the wrong hands? Like a burglar? A obsessed stalker? Someone  you absolutely hate? Or what if Facebook had a glitch and sent your private messages to someone other than the intended recipient (read 13 Intimate Facebook Messages here)?

Please Rob Me brought this issue to light with their website (right now, it is under construction). They published a stream of aggregated information detailing names of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare users of when they left home and where they were currently located to prove a point: be careful of what you share online. This is exceeding difficult to some, especially with the onslaught of trendy location-based websites, such as Foursquare and Gowalla.

Exhibit 1: PleaseRobMe.com homepage (before being under construction)

Stop oversharing! There’s already an article about you people…oh, but wait, you probably like it because it’s all about you.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for sharing good things that happen to you (I got a job! I’m going to be in a play! Woohoo straight A’s!) and self-promotion (i.e. Summer Lance is looking for a marketing job. Does anyone have any leads?), but I feel like there should be a censor on some of the things we say. Part of this is because of those pesky recruiters. Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. How can you be yourself if you have to watch everything you do? I don’t like recruiters being on Facebook as much as the next kid, but it’s just one of those things we have to live with (and think about it. If you were a recruiter and you were deciding between two candidates, wouldn’t you try to find out EVERYTHING about them?).

I ask myself these questions before I write a status

  1. Will my family approve (I’m friends with some of my older family members)
  2. Will my coworkers approve (Ditto. Friends with some too)
  3. Will my professors approve (Yeah…that too)

If it passes the Yes test, then I go for it.

What about you? Do you have a test for yourself before you write your statuses (i.e. Will other people care what I say?)? If you’re one of those oversharers, why do you do it? Do you even think about privacy issues?

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I’ll admit it. I first took notice of him because of Day N Nite, but who didn’t jam to this in the clubs? My friend told me that Kid Cudi used to be a huge druggie and some of his songs refer to weed usage or are listened to while a person smokes weed…but I refuse to believe this. (i.e. To me Up, Up & Away is not about smoking weed; it’s about me doing my own thing and not giving a care about what everyone else thinks of me).

Enjoy my favorite Cudi songs:

Heart of a Lion

Pursuit of Happiness

Up, Up, and Away

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This is still easily one of my favorite videos of all time. The song goes perfectly with the visual and the overall message really makes you appreciate life. Life will always go on and the end of one thing only means the beginning of another =)

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If you’re happy and you know it and you really wanna show it, if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hair.

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"On my way" --Mavis Staples

Hello to zoo too.

Cafe of India Review:

I’ve had my fair share of indian food. I know my way around a samosa. and can tell the difference between a naan and a paratha, So, I feel pretty comfortable endorsing this restaurant. For around $13.00, there’s soup, salad, fruit, masala, saag paneer, samosas, korma, three other entrees I do not remember the name of off the top of my head, a basket of naan (your choice of plain or garlic) masala tea, Kheer, and more.
I ate myself retarded to say the least. I definitely recommend for the buffet.

Tree of life... Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhhmm ingonyama Ingonyama... Circle of Life.

Elephettes rule the world

My FAVORITE photo taken that day.

haha! They are connected. Fooled you!

This is how I feel in the winter. Someone revive my brittle branches and breathe color into my knots.

Protected Heights

And the people in the houses all went to the university Where they were put in boxes and they came out all the same, And there’s doctors and there’s lawyers, and business executives And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same

An old lady dropped this out her window, and sat at the sill waiting for someone to walk by and read her what it said. Those shiny philanthropists were none other than yours truly and L-bot. It was from Janet giving the old woman a little gift.

I like this plant because it reminds me of a bride who was stood-up at the alter. But pride being the merciless foe it is, would not let her move or change out of her dress despite the desperate circumstances. As years passed, she aged and withered. Still, she stands.

Not necessarily artsy, but it's your daily dose of Pancakes!


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