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My boyfriend came across this while searching for samples to use for DJing (his newest hobby – maybe I’ll post some of his hits up one day). It’s a girl performing an acapella of Lady Gaga’s four monster hits: Just Dance, Poker Face, Chillin, and Paparazzi  Amazing can’t even begin to describe this.

Update: I just found another Lady Gaga video. These guys are soldiers based in Afghanistan and I find this HILARIOUS. Out of this world, not in voice and coordination of five screens, but in … amusement?

I’m actually really shocked that they did this. When I think of soldiers, I think of serious, regimented men. I wonder what their commanding officer thought.

Check these out for yourself and tell me what you think!


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Have you ever interned or worked at a company and thought that a few of the interns, to put it bluntly, sucked -work ethic lacking and/or personality missing or unappealing? Gawker was sent this email from a tipster in NY – this company had just saved themselves from one of these potential losers.

The following was written by an intern applicant, who sent it to this NY company after they didn’t reply back to him within one day:

There are so many things wrong with this e-mail

  • He’s applying to be an Office Assistant intern…is this really an urgent need?
  • It’s only been ONE day. Some people wait weeks until they hear back. DUDE, slow your roll.
  • ‘question the type of office you work in’ – obviously a very busy one. Jobs do not revolve around trying to please every inquiry received. Maybe you should just work somewhere that isn’t fast-paced.
  • ‘i will be taking into consideration the lack of professionalism you have demonstrated’ – okay buddy, clearly you have never applied anywhere before. Don’t you think you exhibit a lack of professionalism?
  • in his first e-mail he wrote “I was browsing the job listings on Playbill.com recently (last week maybe) – last week maybe…you do not say that in a letter. You say I JUST SAW etc. Last week maybe implies that you aren’t serious about this position, therefore why the hell are you freaking out so much?

Oh and guess what…there’s ROUND 2. The company wrote the applicant back and told him that all positions have been filled. This idiot then wrote the following:

Yeah, you REALLY showed them whose boss. UGH. You guys can make fun of and nitpick the rest. He exemplifies the most negative stereotype of our generation: being entitled and self-absorbed.  Don’t you understand that you don’t have the upperhand? You can’t be picky and choosy about jobs right now, as we have fewer options and therefore, steep financial debt. And I can tell by your letter that you seem to be lacking in experience – is this because of the way others perceive you? One of the most annoying things about this is that he obviously seems like a college graduate, which puts him at the age of 22-23. He should already know how to approach businesses via inquiries and what happens. Okay, if he’s a freshmen, maybe it’s more acceptable since you’ve never really had a job before and it could just be an email blunder…but you’re not. You’re almost in your mid-20s. You should know better.

Do you think this person has balls of steel or is just plain dumb?

And once again I ask, have you ever had a bad ‘intern experience’ and if so, what happened?

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I bet I got your attention.

It is true though, and becoming a frequent point of discussion in my life. So much so, I had to write about it.
People generally stare at me, mouth agape when I tell them; I just don’t like them.

I am being rational in this matter. I have considered it over many years. Here are my reasons:

Children develop quite slowly in comparison to other animals.
It takes human children at least a year to walk and talk, more to become dexterous in many things they do.
Comparatively speaking, most animals are forced to become independent almost immediately. Turtles never meet their children, and yet the babies are able to survive and continue reproducing without constant aid.  Human babies are more likened to birds, who screech and cry, leaving themselves vulnerable to their prey.
Sure, humans grow to be vastly more intelligent than most animals, but it takes quite a long time to get there, and when it comes down to it, is this intelligence worthwhile? Yes, we can knit scarves, but could the majority of us actually stay warm in the wilderness?

Physical Appearance:
Human babies are NOT cute. There are some that are adorable, but this is not the norm. Usually they are creepy, wrinkly monkeys with translucent skin and little digits.

Admit it, those babies are neither abnormal nor cute. Babies just look like that.
Even the ugliest dog breed: The Chinese Crested Chihuahua is cuter than the babies.


As Temperance Brennan, from the show Bones, an obviously valid source on information (haha), says about parental love, “It’s just a release of serotonin necessary for the survival of the species.” If not for this intense bond we have from carrying our fetuses for nearly a year, would we still like babies?
Would we find their behavior still charming?

One of my favorite comedians, Louis CK, aptly describes his daughter as an asshole. Pretty much all children act in that manner, and yet adults tolerate them.

“My daughter is an asshole…. seriously if you are with a group of people that are trying to go somewhere and you cant go – you CAN’T go – because a member of your party just refuses to put their shoes on, that person is a fuckin’ asshole… “Oh we can’t go.”  “Why?” “Because fuckin’ Bill refuses to put his shoes on.”

They do not eat, they do not bathe, they do not help you without serious coaxing.

Moreover, toddlers THINK they are smart and sly. The cute ones try to charm their ways out of terribly rude situations.  Some try reverse psychology and others still fight for power. It’s all voluntary psychological warfare, like water boarding yourself for the rest of your life from the moment you birth the baby.

I know you think I am horrible, and hell bound.
I probably mentally terrorized my parents as a child.
I will probably have children and love them very much.
Alas, now, unbiased and rationally thinking about these kids, I just don’t like them.

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Initally, ABC and FOX told Lane Bryant that they would not air this commercial, if it wasn’t re-edited. (FOX decided to run it on April 28th during American Idol after 3 reedits, ABC thought it was still too racy and rejected it). I don’t see what’s wrong with this ad. Why does it have to be re-edited? Let’s compare it to 5 other racy ads or this current Victoria Secret ad airing on TV:

Both have attractive females, so what is the difference? A full-figured lady with more cleavage? Well, Lane Bryant is a plus-size clothing company so why can’t promote their new lingerie line Cacique? It’s what other lingerie companies do.

The average weight for an American woman is 162.9 pounds. I understand aspirational advertising, but I believe that it is okay to show a confident curvey woman in advertisements. It’s 2010. What are you telling girls who don’t have thin figures? That they’re not perfect enough?

Some believe that this is a publicity stunt. Well, so what if it is. There is a double standard and biased against big girls in this country. It should be addressed.

BOOBIES! – Jimmy told me to end this post this way…as you can tell, he loved the ad and thought the actress had a fairly good figure ‘for her size.’ Maybe you should ask your man to watch it and ask if they fsee anything disgusting with it.

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I’ve never thought about drinking water the same way I drink Dole, but benefits of this would be  being able to drink from the carton (water jugs are too heavy for me)  and it’s environmentally friendly (box is made from renewable resources)! The hello freaks me out a little though…just a little. I don’t know if it’s saying hello to me or saying HELLO (as in, you should know that…).

These Nestle Cuppets are just so cute. There are four flavors: banana, strawberry, mint and mango. Please take me to the closest ice cream shop 🙂

Purely for the reason that I love watermelon and I like that if you buy 6, it forms fruit slides! My least favorite part is actually using the product. I saw a photo of a white tissue coming out of the orange slice package and it was not appealing at all.

This is quite genius…and sustainable. I never know what to do with a shoe box – sometimes I just leave them under my bed because I MIGHT use them in the future and it takes up so much space. With this bag, I can fold it and more easily reuse it versus a cardboard box.

Designed by Paris based creative duo Fred & Farid, these limited edition cans glow in the dark. They will only be served in clubs and bars and are available in four flavors: Indian Tonic, Agrum, Lemon and Dark Side. haha. Can you imagine walking around and trying to look cool with glow in the dark cans?


The above speaks for itself: drink more = undress the girl. Another bar, in Brazil, had a different idea to make people think twice about drunk driving: charging them a $72,000 BAR TAB. I would sober up pretty quickly.

Amsterdam is running a RAINCAMPAIGN, a campaign that only uses rainwater. Every time it rains, the advertising campaign appears on the street, disappearing when the pavements have dried up. I think it’s pretty cool but I don’t think anyone walks leisurely in the rain – they want to get out of it! Watch the video below to see it in action:

The McDonald’s in Stockholm is tieing in a game with free food. No, it’s not Monopoly. Instead, it has expanded it’s gaming ways into an interactive billboard. Menu items bounce and fly through the screen. If someone is quick enough to get a picture of it, they get the food for free (of course, they have to head to MickeyD’s to seal the deal). It’s every MickeyD’s lover’s dream – just ask my boyfriend!


UK men’s magazine Che created the following advertisement centered around one man’s fantasy: a naughty babysitter.

I don’t think that’s the coolest part. Want to know what is? Their interactive microsite ‘The Blow Job.’  The mission: blow the girl’s skirt up via your microphone. I’m  no panty-seeking prevert, but I did this to see what would happen. You should too! 😉

I love the feeling of community,  team work, and winning. I also love really good music. No wonder why I love sneaker ads. Puma – Journey of Football falls into this category.

What’s good for a hangover? KFC? Ramen Noodles (Beef)? Soda? I’m really asking this question because I have no idea. Ever since I’ve graduated undergrad, I’ve been getting hangovers after drinking – probably since I don’t do it as frequently. I want to know the answer to this question badly! Vitamin Water is hinting that it is the solution to this problem, but should I believe it?

The Tiger Woods & Nike ad is a oldie, but goodie. Goodie why? Because I still think about it.  It annoys me. How dare they use his dad’s voice! His dad, who was also a cheater, should know how Tiger is thinking, feeling and if he learned anything by it. Does Tiger believe just because he looks sad, then people will love him again (but I believe that some groups, such as golfers, avid golf fans, and corporations who can make money off of him, will still love him as long as he golfs well)? UGH. Do you believe that it was a good PR move?

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Microsoft pulled out their advert for the product, Kin, due to references of sexting.

The sexy bit?

Scene 1: Young Asian man puts a Kin under his shirt to snap a picture of his chest.

Scene 2: Young woman, seemingly the recipeint, has an amused expression on her face.

We should first understand that Kin is meant for socially-networked millennials. The two Kin phones have a homescreen called the KIN Loop that aggregrates newsfeeds from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., provides access to e-mail, share photos, songs and webpages, all that good stuff.

So, what does this product and commerical say about these kids? Instant gratification, always connected… promiscious?  Was Microsoft trying to make visual abstract cues or were they just trying (and failing) to be folksy and cool? Personally, I believe that it is the latter, although I don’t know anyone rich enough to have a band playing in their house at the age of 15. BUT this leads me into my discussion: SEXTING. Almost everyone has done this, but at what age is it appropriate to do it or in what state of a relationship?

This is an epidemic with the youngns’. My stance is if you are under the age of 18, if you do not understand all of the implications, or if you don’t feel comfortable with it, then think twice. The stories all sound the same:

  1. boyfriend threaten girlfriend that he will breakup with her if he doesn’t send her a sexy photo; she does it, but doesn’t feel comfortable about it; he shows the school
  2. Girlfriend and boyfriend break up; boyfriend shows everyone at school

Ladies, keep your pants on. I understand that peer pressure is at an all time high when you’re young, but has peer pressure really gotten so bad that a person you like can force you to take off your clothes and make you take pictures of yourself? If he really cared about you, he would not threaten to break up with you in the first place. I don’t know where girls get this silly idea that if they send naked photos of themselves, then their boyfriends will love them forever and not show anyone. Do you not know boys? High school is not the end of the world.

The only solutions that I can think of to stop teenage sexting are (abide not effective ideas):

(a)  Health class focuses on this topic – but do kids really listen?

(b)  Parents have a deep discussion with kids – but do kids really listen? This is their rebellious stage.

(c)  Someone’s the bait – but then that’s that rationale of “It’ll never happen to me!”

(d) Companies take a stance against sexting, just like LG did with their Give It A Ponder Campaign. However, if you look at the ads, you remember them for the hilarity and weirdness of James Lipton, not for the message.

1. Give It A Ponder – Junk

2. Give It A Ponder – Catfight

3. Give It A Ponder – Angry

What I find so ironic is that MTV has a campaign, A Thin Line, which “empowers you to identify, respond to, and stop the spread of digital abuse in your life and amongst your peers.” It focuses on sexting, constant messaging, spying, digital disrespect and cruelty.Yeah right MTV, as if you didn’t play a role in upstarting this culture.

I believe that kids will do what they want to do, even with the current legislation. I bet more often than not, your parents do not look through your phone, and if they do, you have secret spots for your personal texts, photos,etc (just like guys & hiding their porn on the PC).

As a culture, sexting has lent itself towards casual sex:

  • 25% between 13 and 18 have admitted to sending explicit videos and photos
  • 29% of teens and 24% of young adults believe those exchanging sexually suggestive content are “expected” to date or hook up.
  • 38% of teens and 40% of young adults say exchanging sexually suggestive content makes dating or hooking up with others more likely.
  • 22% of teens and 28% of young adults say they are personally more forward and aggressive using sexually suggestive words and images than they are in “real life.”
  • 44% of both teen girls and teen boys say it is common for sexually suggestive text messages to get shared with people other than the intended recipient.

Where is privacy and intimacy? Technology has aided in making everything more transparent and to creating new forms of sexual and self-expression. Before the idea of sexting, it was semi naked photos on MySpace; before that, phone sex or sexy emails; prior, sexy letters. The difference: the past is not as viral = your personal body parts and private messages couldn’t be sent within .0001 seconds to everyone in the world.

I really don’t think there is any real solution to this issue of underaged & sexting. It doesn’t help that celebrities, who are very influential in a young teen’s life, are sexting.

If Miley Can Do It, So Can I!

Do you believe that this culture will just become a part of our lives, with no end solution? Do you think that there will be “something else” that young teens (and other adults) will get into to express their sexuality?

To find out more, read Cosmogirl’s Sex and Tech Campaign, MTV’s Digital Abuse Study, and The Pew Internet’s Teen and Sexting Study.

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That is according to this recent NPR segment:

Why The Animal Critic Gives The Panda An F

Listen Here: Radio Segment

It is pretty amusing, and sort of thought provoking?

As you all know, I would give an Elephant (a cookie– no, wait…) an A!
My reasons are these:

  1. They have serious feelings y’all. Really, they love each other, they look out for the weak and meek.
  2. Elephants remember everything. That might be an exaggeration. Still, one thing is for sure, they grieve. When a member of their herd dies, they remember the ground where the member died. During seasonal migrations looking for water, upon passing the geographic locations of death, they ritualistically behave sullenly– grieving for their losses.
  3. They can survive severe environments. Talk about thick skin!
  4. They can communicate through their feet via vibrations, warning others of danger.
  5. During attacks from predators, female elephants strategize and execute tactical maneuvers to defend and escape.
  6. They look cool

In looking at these facts, they are much like people.

Check out the Animal Review to see how animals stack up against one another.

How would you rate your favorite animal and why?


Oh Yeah! I almost forgot, your daily dose of Pancakes!

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