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In addition to the Nike’s Write the Future advert, W+K and Diem Chau worked together to create a memorable & funky pressplaykit for 11 lucky individuals.

Ladies and Gents, this is the level that press kits should aim for.

Read about Diem’s experience here.

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My apologies for not writing as much. This is my second week in NYC and I’m still getting acquainted. I’ve spent weekends walking for hours just to explore. of course, i don’t remember everything that I see, but I love that I can be spontaneous, and walk with no destination in sight (yet still be easily amused with what i stumble upon). last saturday, i walked for about 4-5 hours from brooklyn heights, across the brooklyn bridge, into greenwich village, then tribeca, which led into soho and finally chinatown. today? i walked for 9 hours around brooklyn heights and coney island. beautiful.

although, i’ve lived here for only 2 weeks, i’ve got mad love for brooklyn (at least, my area). I saw this video for Absolut Brooklyn and instantly thought I had to show you guys to give you a sense of where I live and what I see everyday.

***The video is actually for the Spike Lee designed Absolut Brooklyn

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You know that feeling?

… where life is so imminent and overwhelming;
like it’s about to swallow you up whole, and you have no room to breathe–
that feeling like you are not sure if you are going to survive this one, but you always do.

So capricious a feeling, there is no way to see the end.
The tumult making you quiver in the core of your stomach,
making you lie restless during the deepest blue of dawn.
Nothing is really wrong; nothing feels right.

A feeling that emanates into your surroundings and you are sure,
you do not feel this alone.
Still, it is a feeling whose description is so far from your grasp,
isolation becomes the nearest adjective.

This feeling binds you– ruthless,
rendering you handicapped from salvation.
Despite this– engrained, intertwined,
fluid throughout this feeling is positivity.
A fleck of courage the pushes you onto the next day.
You are going to survive this, you always do.

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