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Hoh. Mah Gawd.

I’ve just revolutionized your life.
You can thank me later.

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Oh glorious time of year!
Not because frigidity is exponentially creeping up on me.
Not because the trees are tripping psychedelically into metamorphic colors.
Not because the world revolts from conformity and reveals its true nature; unveiling its eccentricity in the form of Star Wars costumes and slut-acious outfits…
ok a little bit because of the last reason.

The main reason I love this time of year is because artists in surrounding towns open their work-in, live-in studios.

Created by my wildly talented friend, Jeff Sias


Artists who are still low-key enough to stave off most pretentious art snobs, yet have reached moderate levels of success, allowing them to have stainless steel appliances.

They live a lifestyle I eagerly hope for, yet lack the creative spark to make happen.
A conundrum of sorts.
A modern day successful hippie.

I feel esteemed with my uneducated critique of arts, totally biased towards my own aesthetic appeal.

The draw for me is two-fold.
1) I take in art, which truly enriches my soul
2) I stalk the crap out of some artists life for three minutes, or however long it takes me to walk through their loft.

What do you mean, “Stalk their lives!?”
WELL my dear, I mean I look at how they live. It’s like an art show in itself. The way they decorate, the furniture they sit on, the coffee maker brewing their cup of joe, it’s all more telling about the individuals than the art alone. I take joy in it the way humanity finds joy in reading PerezHilton or watching The Jersey Shore.

It’s a study in anthropology, an experiment in sociology. I absorb– I love.

If you have open studios in your surrounding area, I HIGHLY recommend it.

The Distillery – South Boston
All Boston Listing
Waltham! Where all my home slices are showcasing.

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