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Intel: The Chase

I didn’t mean to post again, but I just saw a really good commercial.

Intel: The Chase

My heart kept beating faster and faster as I watched it. It combines everything that you can do with a computer into one little commercial & what is in that envelope! Aye Carumba.


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It doesn’t hurt to ask. Isn’t that what we’re all taught? Well, Craig Rowin, beggar/comedian, asked for a million dollars from a billionaire, and he’s going to receive it on February 2nd at the UCB in NYC at 8PM. I am a little jealous if it all goes down accordingly, but hot damn. He’s freaking lucky.

Video 1: Craig asks for a million dollars

Video 2: Success

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Above is a promo for his upcoming February advertisements. The first time I watched this, I thought meh. The second time, I liked it more because I could actually comprehend what he was saying. He’s still speaking way too fast.  I am going to hold my breath for the other ads to make a like/dislike opinion.


The recent AT&T ads, however, have been tickling my funny bone, especially Taco Party. I love that cell phone companies are investing more $$$ in creating memorable work. It’s rough out there for them.

One of my other favorites is the T-Mobile Welcome Back (although a bit old – October 2010). Passengers at Heathrow Terminal 5 are serenaded by multiple singers. Who wouldn’t want this to happen to them?

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You suck.

But, I will admit this, because of you, I am a better person, a wiser person, a kinder person, a stronger person, and a more driven person. One mission in my life is to prove to my past bullies that my future is brighter than theirs.

What hurts is that not everyone has this mentality. Yesterday, I read a Glamour article about teenage girls who committed suicide because they were tormented by their peers. Back then, bullying by peers usually occurred in school, and now, the cyberbullying possibilities are endless. Remember MySpace Mom (extreme case, but you get the jiff)?This article brought me back to how taunting elementary, middle and high school could be. I hated going to school – what? to be called fat? to get my lunch money stolen? or even to see those silly twins take my milk?  My early shyness & lack of self-confident are attributed to this.

This life experience is one of the reasons why I value giving back. My form occurs through mentoring – @ Bentley, I mentored, @ Emerson, I mentored, @ BCNC, I mentored high school girls, @ dys (my sorority), i re-spearheaded the mentor-mentee program for the Boston colony and nationally, @ Everybody Wins, I interned for a mentoring-educational nonprofit org & donate whenever I can. If the little me had a mentor, life between the ages of 6-15 would have been less complicated. I wouldn’t have bottled up my emotions, would have known someone who had “been there, done that” & learn that life does get better.

What did help me get through this were my strong group of friends -PVS (left) & BLS05 (middle). I value every one of these strong ladies (and also my friend Bobby Lee aka blee (right)). And I know I don’t say it enough (or in some cases, ever, but thank you).

This article reminded me of “my stomping grounds,” why I am who I am. Originally, I wanted to seek out NYC mentoring/education programs to volunteer for, but why not anti-bullying programs as well, or a program that incorporates all three? With that thought, I leave you these sidebar quotes from the article:

Sidenote: Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) is always looking for mentors. The program I participated in is Girls Value, where I met with high school girls every (or every other) Wednesday from 3:30PM-6PM. You must meet this requirement in order to participate.

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Because this is so perfect for you.

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So maybe I’m behind the times because Cantaloupes gave me a been there done that tone when I mentioned this artist, BUT I’m crushing super hard on this Brit:

Ellie Goulding

She’s reminiscent of Bjork, The Cranberries and The Spice Girls. Super cute, she jives with my taste in indiepop, folktronica… made up words that call to my inner stereotypes.

(born 30 December 1986),[2] better known as Ellie Goulding, is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. She rose to fame after topping the BBC Sound of 2010 poll and winning the Critics’ Choice award at the 2010 BRIT Awards. After signing to Polydor Records in 2009, Goulding released her first extended playAn Introduction to Ellie Goulding, followed by her debut full-length studio album, Lights, in 2010. Later that year Goulding recorded a re-release of Lights entitled Bright Lights. Goulding is currently working on her second album. As of January 2011, Goulding has been nominated for two 2011 BRIT Awards for British Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Artist.

Wikipedia (the ultimate of info sources, of course)

Ear Candy it up:

Black & Gold-

This song made me instantly fall in love with her. It is a cover originally performed by  Sam Sparro, which I have always been hot for.

This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)-

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This question always catches me by surprise. I love hearing how couples meet, but I never know what to say, and truthfully, I don’t remember all of the details. The other day, the Elephant asked me how Jimminette came to be, and I gave her some obscene answer because it was the only response I could muster up.

Here’s the real story:

I met him during ALANA Weekend, Summer 2005 (Dates: August 26-August 30). My friend, Phil, introduced him to me as a kid who went to Boston Latin School with us, and then left because his parents moved to Revere. There were 3-4 Asian Jimmys in our grade at BLS, so I assumed he was just the missing one (not Nguyen, Chen or Chow). I thought he was so “ghetto.” I didn’t understand why he always wore a towel around his neck (to be cool?) and super baggy pants (everyone could see his monkey boxers for goodness sakes). I am ashamed of this, but I kept mistaking him for another kid who had a similar build and wore black all the time. I didn’t really think anything of our brief “hello. nicetomeetyou. whereareyoufrom. whatareyoustudying. cool. seeyouaround” conversation.

That is, until the ALANA Dance. I almost didn’t go because Phil didn’t want to go. We agreed to stay for 10-20 minutes, and if it was lame, we’d leave. A few minutes into the dance, Jimmy creepily grinded behind me. I was scared. Who was this person? Why was he all up in my grill? I looked to Jamie and Phil, who were dancing together, and whispered to them “Is he safe?” They gave me a thumbs up. I danced with him, actually looked at him, and thought to myself “man, he’s really cute.” After a while, I wanted to leave to go to the bathroom because my “female visitor needed to be checked on,” so I started to walk off the dance floor. Jimmy followed me, grabbed my hand, and asked me where I was going. I made up some BS excuse like “Oh, Phil wants to go back now.” Jimmy asked if he could walk me back to my room. I was flustered, and said nevermind. We went back to the dance, danced with other people, etc. He won Prom King! The dance ended, and a bunch of us left because our friend, Theeda, was getting picked up to go home. Afterwards, a few of us, including Jimmy, Henry, JT, and Phil, went back to Tracy/Jamie’s room to hang out. We sat in a circle, elementary school style, and Jimmy cracked us up with his stories. I couldn’t believe he was funny! How could he be funny and cute? (The dance part did not amaze me at all. I just thought of it as an added benefit. I still can’t believe that it was such a big deal during college.) I called my best friend, Debbie, in Tracy/Jamie”s room, and told her about my night, but what I really wanted to say was “I met this cute boy, but he may be too street for me.”

My mom gave me a diary before I left for college to write down everything.  Surprise, surprise. I only used up one page (above photo). The dates mentioned happened after the dance. As you can read, I saw him EVERYWHERE. One fond memory I have is walking around upper campus with him after breakfast, and looking at all of the vendor tents. He grabbed an apple jolly rancher for me. I told him that I liked watermelon, so he went back to get me watermelon. Then, he gave me fake hair, which I kept till the end of college.  We went to his room to hang out, and as we were leaving, he slapped my bum and called me “candyass.” Later (aka last week when I looked through our couple’s YEAR 1 album),  I asked him why he did that, and he said something along the lines of: I felt like we were jiving.

We had EXP101 together. I asked him to tutor me. I got As in English, but he didn’t need to know that. I read his first line “I don’t know if this article is real. Who knows what Esquire is?” This still cracks me up. Days followed, where we would do homework together till the late AMs and flirt with each other via Facebook Messages. One night, he walked me back to my room and asked me if I liked him b/c he liked me. I was speechless. I wanted to say yes, but I was scared. He tried to kiss me, but I gave him my cheek. It was stupid. I was blindsided. This is where my memory gets a little fuzzy. I don’t know what happened, but somehow we started dating.

You know the last line in the photo, where it says “I OWE HIM BIG TIME”? I still do. I love that every morning, he kisses me and puts the electric blanket around me because he knows I get cold easily, and every night, he tells me that I’m the best thing in his life, and that he could spend his days with me, doing nothing. The love is mutual. I count him as one of the smartest, funniest, kindest men (or as I told him last week, boy in transition to becoming a man) that I know. He gives me the confidence to chase after my dreams, and encourages all my interests. I know that no matter what happens with our relationship, we will always be there for each other. As one great friend told me “”Couples who last are those who can grow and change, while being together.”” Crossing my fingers for long distance lovin’.

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Retail is undergoing a fun transformation to answer the question: How can I attract consumers, create buzz, and turn them into loyal customers?

One trend I’ve noticed: Light Shows & Projection Mapping

1. H&M, November 2010, Amsterdam

2. Ralph Lauren, November 2010, NYC

3. Target’s Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular, August 2010, NYC

4. Samsung,  May 2010, Netherlands

5. BMW, May 2010, Singapore





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Yes, I am. By who? By YOU, the readers!

I was a bit nervous to return after having abandoned the site for nearly two months!
Riddled with guilt, I slowly typed in my username and password, hoping for typos to prolong the inevitable desolation of zero visitors.  I assumed that having neglected this blog, the readers, insulted by our lack of passion, would lose hope in us. Alas! I am far too dramatic and the outlook not even close to bleak.

I cannot make promises for a more blog-fulfilled near future, but I can update you now. It comes to you in the form that is season relevant, resolutions!

Every year I make edits to a running list I’ve kept for the past

So here it is, my New Year resolutions from 2008 2010 with revisions for 2011:

Boost my GPA above a 3.51 No more school at least for another year
* Take a language course, preferably french or spanish – still no progress
* Actually read my textbooks- still no progress
* Take and pass the Series 7
Keep my apt clean, or at least no dishes anywhere and not smelly New apartment doing PRETTY good, with the help of Banana
* Lose the last 5 pounds =( I was so close! and then Thanksgiving and Christmas spanked my resolution Never got back to that low, but now I’ve got a gym membership and live with a bunch of healthnuts! I’m talking ’bout you, Jimmy. 🙂
* Meet more interesting people- Poets, musicians, intelligent people – No progress, stuck in an office, socializing with co-workers only. I will have to make this more of a priority, and become proactive about engaging interesting people.
* Engage in conversations with people- same as above!
* Read all the books in my bookshelf no progress in 2009, some progress in 2010:

  • Secret Life of Bees- Recommend
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- HIGHLY RECOMMEND
  • The God of Small Things- Recommend for writing style, less for plot or character development
  • Pillars of the Earth- I didn’t love it
  • Unbearable Lightness of Being- I hated this book the first time I read it, but now I actually really like it. Some parts are dry and didactic, but overall good insight into human condition.

* Save twice as much as I have right now- Still super ghetto, all time low-funds, mostly due in part to my jaunt through China.
* Read a Newspaper at least once a week Must change this to read the economist at least once a month Even changing it to one magazine once a month, it didn’t happen. I read WSJ here and there and the Economist quarterly, but I really should read it more often to stay current.
* Drink More Water- Fail, I drank more…. coffee…
* Take my Vitamins– yes! Success for the majority of the year, thank you, Viactive and Flinstone Vitamins.
* Run 5K
Places To go:
* Go to more plays/ musicals/ Concerts and shows in generalWent to see West Side Story– must make it a priority to see more this year– both small and large scale.
* Go to more MuseumsWent to Boston Science Museum, MoMa, MFA. Need to go to Harvard Art Museum, ICA and others.
* Go to CA, Hawaii, Puerto Vallerta or Puerto Rico- Spent all my moolah on CHINA. I think that counts for traveling. Still plan on going to CA and PR in 2011.
* Go to Montreal- Still plan on going. Almost went in 2010 for Spring Break, but Lucas did not have a passport at the time.
* Go to Art shows– Score! I went to see any that I stumbled upon and then some. I love it and plan on doing it all again in 2011
* Go to Poetry readings- Didn’t go, and haven’t gone since I lived in Waltham. Does anyone now of some good venues?

* Get paid at least a dollar more than I do now Now I need to work on getting paid several thousand a year more than I did last year =) Done and done, I have since become salaried and changed roles/been promoted (very recently). This is part of why I have been MIA, super busy learning and holding down 1.5 roles until my replacement’s old position is back-filled.
Get an Internship in my field of study
* Move toward career as an analyst, but not the Analrapist type of of analyst. (Arrested Development joke, which you should look up if you don’t know it so you don’t think I’m the sort that condones anal-raping. Speaking of which and TOTALLY tangent, I watched my first episode of Law and Order SVU tonight. It is a most ridiculous show during which they introduced me to the concept of sexsomnia aka sleep-raping… Apparently, this can occur and the assailant is not responsible for the crime because the mind is not conscious of the action of the body. Peculiar, I say! )

Anyway, that’s my running list for 2011, and quick update on my life.

‘Til next time, adieu.


P.S. it’s the year of the Elephant Rabbit, which is the chinese zodiac of the authors of 2Fruits1Elephant. It’s our year, let’s make it a good one.

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