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I have many loves in my life. My family/friends,  my boyfriend (this post and that), and my career. And because of that C word, I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life – moving to NYC, the advertising mecca of the United States. I will learn the most from NYC and personally, ad execs always have this aura about them just because they’ve spent time in NYC. It’s a rite of passage.

One thing about myself is that I DON’T SETTLE. I didn’t work hard during my undergrad + grad years, learning all that I could through industry mags, extracurricular activities, internships practically every semester, and graduating w/ summa cum laude both times (3.8+ GPA) just to settle. That would be a disservice to myself.

After receiving a few offers,  I decided to go with Horizon Media as a jr. digital media planner for their retail clients.  HMI is a medium sized agency w/ an entrepreneurial spirit.  They were recently named Ad Age’s 2010 Media Agency of the Year, AdWeek/BrandWeek’s 2010 Media Agency of the Year, & on Fast Company’s 2011 10 Most Innovative Advertising & Marketing Agencies. When I interviewed around, many agencies told me that I would essentially be doing admin-like work and wouldn’t be able to come up w/ strategies for clients, but at Horizon, I get to do this. The people are amazing and the opps/experience are endless. In fact, last week, my sup. gave me an additional responsibility – to become the mobile strategist for our retail clients.

Everyday is a challenge b/c I’m constantly learning something new. My mentor, Ashleigh, is so brilliant. She was promoted from a Jr. Digital Media Planner to a Digital Media Planner in TEN MONTHS. That’s how smart she is. She told me that I knew more in 1 month than she did, so I’m hoping that I’m on the pathway to being like her.

Random Facts:

  • I didn’t go out much in February b/c NYC  living is expensive and I want to build up income before I spend $$$. It’s working so far. I’ve started to make more hangout plans in March 🙂
  • My 24 hrs gym is Harbor Fitness. I’m not used to seeing men at the gym (and these men skew meatheads), especially after going to an all-females gym at Healthworks, which I miss a lot. Healthworks, come to NYC!
  • It’s a good day when I get free lunch (occurs at least 3X a week). It’s a bad day when I have to pay for my own lunch. I am petrified of the Media 15.
  • I went to an AdAge event last Thursday, celebrating the top agencies in 2010. So fun!

    HMI @ AdAge Ad-List Cocktail Event

They served fun Yahootini! cocktails w/ a "flashing icecube"

  • I recently applied for volunteer opportunities involved with literacy. I hope these orgs get back to me! I may also join my pal James Chen in dragonboat. I haven’t done it in 3 years (has it been that long? yikes) so I know I suck.
  • I have an sick obsession with biz cards & I love collecting my pals. I recently added mine to their collection. FRIENDS WITH BIZ CARDS – PLEASE SEND ME YOURS IF I DON’T HAVE IT!

Off to spinning class. Bon apetit.


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