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Day 7 – Three colors you like

Day 8 – Three words you think others would use to describe you.

Argumentative, Clever, Stubborn

Day 9 – Three objects you can’t be without

  1. Chap-stick- Burt’s Bees or Sugar by Fresh
  2. Something to tie my hair up: Pen, hair-ties, hair clip, anything
  3. An apartment

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She looks like a total slut.

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I spend about 60-80+ hrs doing work for my career (this includes work that I do at home, and is partially because I have “two” titles and 8 different retail clients, which may grow). Thus, I am going to pick & choose which THREES I’m going to participate in & only blog 2 (of course, after the respective day has passed!). I’m badass like that. 🙂

Day 3: Three Things That Happened Today

  1. I am in semi-charge of a media plan for one of my clients. This is exciting because I get to decide which publishers I want to go with & where to advertise.  Initially, I thought that I would act as a support to the sr. media planner, but she’s giving me more power than I thought I would get. Each day, the plan is getting tighter.
  2. I’m going to opening day at Yankees Stadium biatches! I don’t even know anything about baseball. Maybe I’ll see Derek Jeter, Alex Rod, & their famous girlfriends!
  3. Tina Lin & I are going to the Governors Ball in June! Just bought tickets. holler girltalk, passion pit & pretty lights.

Day 4 – Three (well four) favorite songs right now

These are supah old, but I’ve been listening to these artists non-stop at work. APunk and Animal doesn’t work, but lets you go to YouTube! to listen to them.

Vampire Weekend – APunk

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Miike Snow – Animal

& one for kicks: Neon Hitch – Cooler Than Me

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My little sister, Rachel Yee, got into BOSTON LATIN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! yayayayayay.

When she didn’t make it in the 7th grade, she was heartbroken.  Almost everyone in my family on my dad’s side has experienced the “BLS joyride.” It’s our thang. If you didn’t make it in my family, you weren’t seen as smart, mostly by my dad. We grew up with tough love. 

By the way, why is my little munchkin growing up so fast? The difference between the photos is only 5-6 years.

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Day 4 – Three favorite songs right now

  1. Dying Day – Brandi Carlile

  2. Twice – Little Dragon

  3. Antidepressant- The Eclectic Collective

Day 5 – Three breakfast foods you enjoy

  1. Preserved mustard and turnip congee
  2. Fruit
  3. coffee, lots and lots of coffee

Day 6 – Three things on your current to-do list

  1. Paint that desk
  2. Book a hotel for the last night of my vacation to Puerto Rico in April.
  3. Transfer my checking to my savings


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So, in light of the huge popularity of the last Blog Challenge, let’s do another!
I picked it up from Mamasitha.
Lassen sie uns diese

Day 1 – Three names you go by.
Day 2 – Three facts about yourself.
Day 3 – Three things that happened today.
Day 4 – Three favorite songs right now.
Day 5 – Three breakfast foods you enjoy.
Day 6 – Three things on your current to-do list.
Day 7 – Three colors you like.
Day 8 – Three words you think others would use to describe you.
Day 9 – Three objects you can’t be without.
Day 10 – Three ways to win your heart.
Day 11 – Three favorite movies.
Day 12 – Three appetizers you enjoy.
Day 13 – Three places you’ve lived.
Day 14 – Three important people in your life.
Day 15 – Three things you want to say to three different people
Day 16 – Three that made you happy today.
Day 17 – Three things you want to do before you die.
Day 18 – Three favorite TV shows.
Day 19 – Three home-cooked meals you enjoy.
Day 20 – Three things the world would be better without.
Day 21 – Three of your guilty pleasures.
Day 22 – Three things you are afraid of.
Day 23 – Three places you want to visit.
Day 24 – Three things you do before you go to bed.
Day 25 – Three favorite books.
Day 26 – Three types of desserts you enjoy.
Day 27 – Three crazy things you wouldn’t mind doing.
Day 28 – Three things you like about yourself.
Day 29 – Three things that you look for in a partner.
Day 30 – Three life lessons you’ve learned so far.
Day 31 – Three ways you bid farewell


Day 1 – Three names you go by.
1. Christine
2. Elephant – Self given
3. Ying Ying- Yes, that’s my Chinese name. It means fiery, shiny, precious, beautiful – Got the fiery part right.

Day 2 – Three facts about yourself.
1. I bite my nails- it started as thumb-sucking. One time though, while watching television, my mother snuck up on me while I was engaging in my bad habit with a meat cleaver threatening to cut my thumb off. I was about five or six when this happened and never ever sucked my thumb again. Instead, I developed the anxiety driven habit of biting my nails.
2. When I was young, I really loved reading. I read everything and anything I could get my hands on. By second grade, I read Moby Dick for the first time. From second grade until eighth grade, I read Charlotte’s Web every single year.

Unfortunately, my home did not have a huge library. Mostly, it consisted of text books on algebra, calculus, finances, the biography of Lee Iococca, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Gardening books, and other riveting literature. In particular, two books I read over and over and over and over again was How to do Just About Everything, and an encyclopedia on the human body. I learned how to shim a door, fold origami and bandage a foot. I learned the process of gestation in humans, what AIDs looks like at a microscopic level and how the black plague played out. Because of these two books, I am chock-full of random knowledge; so much so, Cantaloupe gave me The Book of Useless Information.
3.  I’m a home body and I’m only 23, going on 24. I had maybe one year of partying, but now I prefer to refurbish furniture I find at thrift stores and on the street. On a sunny day, my favorite activity is to walk around Boston’s various neighborhoods, taking photographs of scenery, finding independent cafes and restoring my stores of vitamin D. I unwind by staying at home and watching The Cosby Show or documentaries, all to maintain a slower pace in life.

Day 3 – Three things that happened today

1. Accidentally took the train in the opposite direction while trying to go to work. I did not realize my mistake until two stops later, at which point, I was back in Somerville, where I live. Perhaps my subconscious is nudging me toward more home body behavior?
2. I lightheartedly gave Mamasitha a hard time about filing her taxes right on the deadline, not realizing until several hours later this month is not April, but, in fact, March!
3. Ran into Lucas while going to get lunch, opportunistically went for a walk with him on a pleasantly sunny March day.


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