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About three years ago, maybe longer, I heard a song by the Weepies. I went through my usual phase of love the song, learn how to play it on the guitar and then completely destroy the song with my voice, and not in a good way either. The Weepies endured my harsh treatment of their music; still whenever the song, “Gotta Have You” comes on, I listen and smile. I’ve been on a real Pandora kick lately, for no other reason than it’s there. Mostly I hate Pandora. Nevertheless, I added The Weepies as a station and on came this song, “Ashes in your Eyes” by Deb Talan.

I fall head over heels in love with her voice– I mean hard. Practically every song makes me want to listen over and over again. Probably in this day and age, being 20-something, folk-pop is having kind of a hard time, but I love it. Call me a hippie or whatever you want, but definitely check out a few of these songs.


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