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UNO – Laura Marling:

Is an English folk musician from Eversley, Hampshire.Initially prominent within the London folk scene, she has also toured with a number of well-known indie artists in the UK. Her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim and her second album I Speak Because I Can were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2008 and 2010 respectively. She won Best Female Solo Artist at the 2011 Brit Awards.

I’ve like every song I’ve heard by her so far.  Beautiful, really, makes all artists on the Top 40 shameful.

DOS – Ben Sollee

cellist and vocalist known for his percussive playing style, genre hopping songwriting, wide appeal, and political activism. His music incorporates banjo, guitar, percussion and unusual cello techniques to create a unique mix of folk, bluegrass, jazz and R&B.

Cellos ooze cool. You might not know it yet, but they do. They just ooze it as if Shredder himself poured the cool sounds straight into the sewers of my mind. Ben Sollee takes it to a new level differentiating himself from cello players like Yo-Yo Ma and making it socially acceptable for me to love cellos all over the place.

TRES- Jenny Owen Youngs

Her album Batten the Hatches was self-released in 2005. In 2006, a song from that album, “Fuck Was I”, appeared in the second season premiere of Showtime’s Weeds, resulting in Batten the Hatches being re-released on April 10, 2007 with new artwork and an extra track (“Drinking Song”)] on the Canadian indie label Nettwerk. “Fuck Was I” was also released on Weeds: Music from the Original Series, Vol. 2.

She was introduced to me by a friend and caught my attention with her quirky style. Pretend you’re not tickled by “Hot in Herre” for once in your life.

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Become more active – culture, volunteer, crazy nyc events

I have started to do this. 🙂 In January, my roomie, boyfriend and I participated in the Improv Everywhere No Pants Subway Ride in 2012. You can see our pre-game faces here and below for our interim and end game faces! Jimmy is waiting at a station, looking normal. Beth and I are at 14th Street, the main stop. I have to work on my iPhone face 😦



Sometime in February, we also went to see Fuerza Bruta. I have been wanting to see this show for over three years!  I saw it, and it was different from what I expected. I enjoyed the spontaneity and interactivity of the show, but I just wished the actors/actresses did more. I am the type of person who needs to know that there is a concrete storyline  – beginning, middle, and end. This didn’t have that. Let me break it down for you: The two audience demos were: (A) the crazy, drunk college kids and (B) sophisticated, I am so into artistic expression, let me drink a glass of wine while watching 50 year olds. See the below? There were three girls in shirts and underwear running in the water above us, back and forth. Sometimes, this plastic thing would be lowered above our heads. Some guys would point their fingers in inappropriate places! These ladies swam for about 30 minutes. Prior to that, a man kept running into boxes made of paper for about another 30 minutes, and at one point, the actors walked into the audience and smashed them in the head with pizza boxes made of confetti and powder. As for the finale, they let the sprinklers loose and the audience could run under the sprinklers and dance! This part was funny. The college kids ran towards the water and danced in the “rain.” Some were even making out with their significant others. The older folks kind of stood back and watched, awkwardly.


I went to my second restaurant week in NYC. I don’t know all of the foodie lingo so I will just say that the food at Megu was divine! There were three of us, so we just ordered everyone on the menu and shared. I meant to take a photo of the apps, but it was 9:15PM and 66% of us (me included) hadn’t had lunch so we gobbled that down.


My room also has a NYC Bucket List on Google Docs. Next few definite adventures: Martinez VS. Macklin at MSG (first boxing match for me and JV), The Lumineers concert in Williamsburg (my roomie/i heard them on Hart of Dixie singing this song; listen to their other songs here), NY Pizza Run (I am making Jimmy participate in his first marathon, once I find out the date!). Any other suggestions, let me know, so that I can add it on our bucket list!

I haven’t found a volunteer opportunity that I am passionate about or that allows me to participate with my work schedule. I am still looking.

‘Remember it’s your life and you have to do what’s best for you’ 

I also started to do this one. I have changed agencies. Last Friday Night (2/24 at 12AM – or could that be considered 2/25? Yes, I stayed at work till MIDNIGHT on my last day!) was my last day at Horizon Media. I love Horizon Media and the people, and I have learned so, so, so much – sometimes, by trial and error, and other times, from amazingly smart people. This is a special, growing agency. Heck, as a jr., I got to recommend digital strategies to the client – anyone see this one in the news? I pushed my client to do this at the age of 23 (it is so amazing that anyone in their 20s can have that much power). Or has anyone seen this one? That’s my ex-senior quoted in the article. We all worked on this campaign, and overall performance was higher this year than prior years.  I will always have fond memories of Horizon. I have moved over to MediaVest nowwwwwwww, which is two streets away from my apartment. Literally, I leave home at 8:50ishAM and I am at work by 9:20AM (if I don’t stop by Starbucks, which is midpoint between my apt and my job)! I am still learning so no solid news here. This closeness, leads to me being able to get up at 7AM or 730AM and have solid gym time now (1 hr – 1 hr 30 mins) or get out of work and maybe have solid gym time too, pending on get out time. Or me, maybe experimenting with new things, like hot yoga (this has been on my mind lately. My old co-worker Danielle LOVED this and always talked about it) or taking up an before/after work activity, such as FILL IN THE BLANK.

Till next time, do you 🙂


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