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“Speeding, the atoms of my body hurling away from each other. I grow lighter, less dense, and larger… exploding outward into the sun. I am an expanding universe swimming upward in a silent sea small at first encompassing with my body, the room, the building, the city, the country, until I know that if I look down I will see my shadow blotting out the Earth”. – Charlie Gordon, Flowers For Algernon Daniel Keyes.

I sat in a lull of reading, starting books only to put them down and never revisit. Becoming disheartened that one of my favorite hobbies was dying a slow and boring death, I picked up Flowers for Algernon intrigued by the premise. It told the story of an experiment to artificially implant intelligence the way a man with no arms gets prosthesis. It is narrated from the point of view of Charlie Gordon who begins his journey with an IQ of 68, rises to become one of the leading minds in the world, then crashes past his genesis. I flew through the story gripped by the progression of a man experiencing unnatural trajectory, which aptly described the obstacles of socialization, learning and love from an unbiased point of view, feelings the way I imagine an alien would experience while trying to assimilate into human society.

From my enjoyment, I swore up and down the book was only 100 pages or so, but as I fact checked for this post I discovered the story is actually 311 pages long. Flowers for Algernon is a very easy to digest story and an excellent read for those accustomed to reading or not.

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Day 7 – Three colors you like

Day 8 – Three words you think others would use to describe you.

Argumentative, Clever, Stubborn

Day 9 – Three objects you can’t be without

  1. Chap-stick- Burt’s Bees or Sugar by Fresh
  2. Something to tie my hair up: Pen, hair-ties, hair clip, anything
  3. An apartment

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Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four things that boys do that you hate.
Day Eight: Three things that boys do that you love.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession

Day Nine – Elephant

1.  -__________-
2. @_________@

yep. No explanation.

Day Nine – Cantaloupe

1.  (^_^’) nervous
2. ( ゚ヮ゚) happy/upbeat

My smileys are not cool looking. Basically, nervous about my future because I graduate in less than 6 weeks (woohoo. masters!) and (1) need to finish with all A’s – self goal and (2) need a career starter. Happy/upbeat because (1) I’m excited about my future, (2) my boss loves my work, and (3) in my Brand Management class, my professor told everyone their papers weren’t what he was looking for; however, I received an A and after class, he asked me to send my paper to him! When he was lecturing the class, I was so nervous. I thought I failed! It was seriously such a huge relief.

Day Nine – Banana

1. (>_<)
2. (O_o)

I chose these expressions because my life lately has just been… really just all over the place. Nothing feels stable right now and I’m just taking it one day at a time.

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Just to break up the monotony of the blog challenge, as intriguing as our inner most thoughts are. Crossing into Boston from Cambridge. Photo taken by Elephant. Oct 2010

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Oh glorious time of year!
Not because frigidity is exponentially creeping up on me.
Not because the trees are tripping psychedelically into metamorphic colors.
Not because the world revolts from conformity and reveals its true nature; unveiling its eccentricity in the form of Star Wars costumes and slut-acious outfits…
ok a little bit because of the last reason.

The main reason I love this time of year is because artists in surrounding towns open their work-in, live-in studios.

Created by my wildly talented friend, Jeff Sias


Artists who are still low-key enough to stave off most pretentious art snobs, yet have reached moderate levels of success, allowing them to have stainless steel appliances.

They live a lifestyle I eagerly hope for, yet lack the creative spark to make happen.
A conundrum of sorts.
A modern day successful hippie.

I feel esteemed with my uneducated critique of arts, totally biased towards my own aesthetic appeal.

The draw for me is two-fold.
1) I take in art, which truly enriches my soul
2) I stalk the crap out of some artists life for three minutes, or however long it takes me to walk through their loft.

What do you mean, “Stalk their lives!?”
WELL my dear, I mean I look at how they live. It’s like an art show in itself. The way they decorate, the furniture they sit on, the coffee maker brewing their cup of joe, it’s all more telling about the individuals than the art alone. I take joy in it the way humanity finds joy in reading PerezHilton or watching The Jersey Shore.

It’s a study in anthropology, an experiment in sociology. I absorb– I love.

If you have open studios in your surrounding area, I HIGHLY recommend it.

The Distillery – South Boston
All Boston Listing
Waltham! Where all my home slices are showcasing.

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ComEd’s BACKGROUND: Promote efforts of recycle unneeded refrigerators by sponsoring nine Chicagoan artists in an offbeat local campaign to turn old fridges into sculptures.

embrace the uncanny quirkiness of it all

( + read the cute art titles)

The Power of Flowers, Beth Kamhi

Running Down, Out To Pasture, Mike Helbing

Peas and Quiet, Victoria Fuller

The Last Tree Exhibit, Tyrue “Slang” Jones

Calming/Calling/Cooling, Ginny Sykes

Coldspot: A Gulf Story, Nicole Beck

Green Lifestyles, Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite

Recycled VooDoo Retro Rod, VooDoo Larry

In the Land of Love, There is No Garbage, Lucy Slivinski

If you like what you see, check out another wild born and raised Chicagoan campaign that we all know and love: Cows on Parade

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I finally figured it out.

Lucas and I were discussing why people aren’t remaking songs like, “Build me up Buttercup” and I said:
Because the mass wants music that will wipe their minds clean.

Then, like an epiphany, I flashed back to 2001, while listening to Usher’s “My Way,” my dad promptly responds, “This sounds like Buddhist chanting.”
It donned on my right there, nine years later, that he’s right. Usher and others paved the way for a whole generation of music where less and less thought is put into the lyrics and musicality. Instead more emphasis is placed on a catchy hook and a beat that one can sway to without much thought– music that brings out the animal instinct in us all. Take for instance the lyrics of Lil’ Wayne:

Bitch I’m Paid, Thats All I Gotta Say
Can’t see you Lil Nigga, The Money In The Way
And I’m, I’m Sitting High, A Gansta Ride Blades
If You Ain’t Gone Ride Fly Than You Might As Well Hate
Shit I Gotta Eat… Yeah, Even Though I Ate
It Ain’t My Birthday But I Got My Name On the Cake
(Shit) Believe That, If Ya Mans Wanna Play
I’mma Fuck Around And Put That Boy Brains On The Table
Pick ’em up, fuck ’em Let ‘Em Lay
Where I’m From We See A Fucking Dead Body Everyday
Thats, Uptown, throw a stack at ‘Em
make a song about me, I’m Throwing Shots Back At ‘Em
Ya bitch on my pipe, And She Like A crack addict
And She Saw Me Cooking Eggs And She Though I Was Back At It
I Grab The Keys, Hoe I Gotta Go
I Got My Motorcycle Jacket And My motorcycle loafs –Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

All of his songs are at this caliber of writing. This is the general trend of all music, which is why when Lady Gaga, who is only mildly impressive in comparison to people from decades past, burst onto the scene no one knew what to do or how to handle her.

So my dad was right, this music does sound like Buddhist chanting, I’m gunna put my brain on the shelf and bump with it.

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Graffiti #3

Between the 3 contributors to this blog… I, the Banana, have been doing some major SLACKING! I apologize for this. Dear Cantaloupe and Elephant, I will post some good reads soon (within the next couple days). For now, here is some more street art that has caught my eye. I found these particular ones off a website called Art of Graffiti. Enjoy!

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In addition to the Nike’s Write the Future advert, W+K and Diem Chau worked together to create a memorable & funky pressplaykit for 11 lucky individuals.

Ladies and Gents, this is the level that press kits should aim for.

Read about Diem’s experience here.

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