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Like Christine, I am going to continue my Blogathon.

Day 7 – Three Colors You Like

The many shades of pink, blue, and green. I wish that’s what my wardrobe consisted of, instead of grey, black and white.

Day 11 – Three Favorite Movies

I am a total girly girl. I first saw i am sam with my sister because she won free tickets. The only thing you could hear in entire theater, filled with women, was sobbing and nose blowing. | you’ve got mail stars the perfect romantic duo in nyc – tom hanks and meg ryan. no current male actors can compare to the talents of tom hanks – wilson anyone? i also liked that this movie involved books. | miracle on 34th st. always made me happy during the holidays, and dylan mcdermott was super hunky back in the day.

Day 12 – 4 Appetizers You Enjoy

Shrimp and Crimp Fun-Doo at Uno’s Chicago Grill |  Avocado Salad at Genki Ya | Salmon + Tuna + Yellowtail Tartare at Shobu Sushi | Escargots Anywhere

Day 13 – Three Places You’ve Lived

Brooklyn (photo from the summer), current living space | My bedroom in Brighton, growing up |  Australia, Melbourne study abroad escape

Goodnight for now!


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Day 7 – Three colors you like

Day 8 – Three words you think others would use to describe you.

Argumentative, Clever, Stubborn

Day 9 – Three objects you can’t be without

  1. Chap-stick- Burt’s Bees or Sugar by Fresh
  2. Something to tie my hair up: Pen, hair-ties, hair clip, anything
  3. An apartment

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Graffiti #3

Between the 3 contributors to this blog… I, the Banana, have been doing some major SLACKING! I apologize for this. Dear Cantaloupe and Elephant, I will post some good reads soon (within the next couple days). For now, here is some more street art that has caught my eye. I found these particular ones off a website called Art of Graffiti. Enjoy!

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I have an obsession… and I want to tell you all about it =)

They call themselves 2NE1 (pronounced like the number 21) and they are… for lack of better terms… the BOMB DIGGITY! They are a South Korean-girl-group based under YG Entertainment. I understand that not everyone can get into international music where you don’t always understand what is being sung. That aside, I think everyone who loves songs that make them want to dance like fools should try these girls out! Their style is fire, their personalities seem fun, and their music is HOT. I would trade places with any of them any day. I love everything about these girls. They’ve definitely inspired any style changes I might be going through.

Brief bios of the girls that make up 2NE1:


Full Name: Lee Chae Rin

Stage Name: CL

Position: Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist

D.O.B.: February 26, 1991

CL, leader of the group, has a stage presence like no other. She’s a very talented singer, rapper, and dancer and has great charisma. Her father was an educator who traveled around the world so she is fluent in English, Korean, Japanese, and French.


Full Name: Park Bom Lee

Stage Name: Bom

Position: Main  Vocalist

D.O.B.: March 24, 1984

Bom is the big sister of the group. She actually lived in the US for 6 years before getting signed by YG. She went to college in Massachusetts! She attended Lesley University as a Psychology major but later transferred to Berklee College of Music for music studies. Bom can play the piano the flute and the cello.


Full Name: Sandara Park

Stage Name: Dara

Position: Vocalist, Fresh Voice

D.O.B.: November 12, 1984

Dara was born in Busan, Korea but moved to the Philippines with her family when she was young. She was a big star there and is fluent in both Tagalog and Korean. Dara was the most controversial member of 2NE1 because of a mildly racy photoshoot she did that was featured in a Filipino men’s magazine.


Full Name: Gong Minji

Stage Name: Minzy

Position: Rapper, Vocalist

D.O.B.: January 18, 1994

Minzy is the youngest member of of the group . She is the granddaughter of one of Korea’s most famous dancers, Gong Ok Jin. Minzy is a kick-ass dancer and is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (and she’s only 16!).

IN CONCLUSION, these girls rock my socks! 2NE1! a go, go, go!~ (Yeah I’m a bit of an enthusiast.)

Here is their most recent music video for their hit single ” 날 따라 해봐요 (Try to Follow Me)”

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Go on ya good thing

See more love notes


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For the love of lights and scenic views! Some random and amazing places I chose (in alphabetical order).

There aren’t many things I love more than a city at night.

“These streets will make you feel brand new,
Big lights will inspire you… ”

Boston, MA

Chicago, IL

Hong Kong

Honolulu, HI

Los Angeles, CA


Tokyo, Japan

… Buy me a plane ticket? pleeease? =)

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Graffiti #1

I love street art! Especially in the form of Graffiti. Here and there, during my internet escapades, I’ll come across beautiful things that make me say “WOW”.  If I happen to find graffiti that causes me to make such an exclamation (or anything similar), I’ll share =)

– Hannah

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