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Not that I struggle a ton with my identity, in fact I am pretty confident in my skin, but in a society where people are most comfortable when they can categorize, box and label people, I am amiss with which bucket I am dropped into. Also, with my 25th birthday steadily approaching, I wonder, if faced with a life or death choice, which to categorize myself?

What three words would your friends use to describe you?
Putting aside the flattery which I assume inevitable: Hilarious, Inappropriate, Bitchy, I’ve definitely been described as the following:

  • Vegetarian– This one is probably most perplexing. While I am very content eating tofu, soy protein and tempeh until I explode, I absolutely scarf down meat. Hello, hot-pot, Short-ribs please! I am the chair of my company’s green team and spout ecologically friendly non-sense to all that will listen. Next Friday, I’m taking over my company’s beer time and making them drink eco-friendly beer. I suppose this could be construed as vegetarian…
  • “Granola Child” Hippie– The tree-huggin’, granola eatin’, guitar carryin’, no deodorant wearin’ kind. Ok, GUILTY. I’ve been known to hug a few trees, whilst eating granola. Related to my point earlier, I’m all about the Earth. I play the guitar and through the magic of genetics I don’t need deodorant. I probably should wear some though because my ever-lovin friends could be lying to me about how I smell.

  • Martha Stewart Craft Types– This woman is my idol. That financial rebel with her knack for making ponchos, even in jail. Whoa buddy, if I got to beat some dough with Jim Cramer… life fulfilled!  I have neither the cooking skills nor income to create the table spreads that Martha is capable of, but reading her magazines is like life porn. One day, if I read enough Apartment Therapy articles, I will attain a shred of her awesomeness.
  • Hipster– It literally took me two hours to figure out which hipster I was. I am for sure not the stereotypical hipster who wears ironic shirts and mainlines PBR into her body. I don’t have a minimum-wage job, I don’t think I’m über cool, yet pretend I am anti-cool. I’m not particularly fashionable and I listen to indie-folk music that everyone has probably heard of. BUT, and this is a pretty substantial but, I do encompass these tell-tale traits which are identifiers of the D.I.Y Hipster:
  1. I am a very serious coffee drinker. I could spend days hanging out in coffee shops. I go to as many different and new coffee shops no matter where I visit. It’s my thing, I suppose; some people collect stamps, I journal the cafes I go to.
    Currently, my favorite cafes in the Boston radius are:
    (Harvard Sq.) for best overall
    (Kendall sq.) for best espresso drinks
    Cafe on the Common (Waltham) for best brewed coffee
    I currently live in Southie, which is where coffee goes to die. No, really, I went to several highly rated “cafes” to try them out. Between the assortment of flavored coffees and iced coffee default options, I was sorely disappointed. It’s like Dunkin’ Donuts and a convenient store had ugly coffee babies. Still, I managed to find one viable option: American Provisions, which is more organic grocery store than cafe. Decent brewed coffee + kind personable owners, something I could get behind.
  2. I’m all about crafting things that are kitschy, from making art out of paint chips to making scarves from t-shirts. I read these blogs daily for inspiration: Bloesem, A Beautiful Mess
  3. I shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. My Lucas is Gluten-Free, so that’s new. Learning how to make a lot of food from this amazing website, Gluten Free Goddess.
  4. I wear two types of eye-ware: Thick-rimmed glasses and these bad boys:
  5. On any given day I style myself similarly to this well-known face:

    Not always flattering, but it makes me happy. 🙂

Well there you go, readers, I fall somewhere into those groups.

Anyway, Happy Easter, y’all!


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8 days and counting! I can’t totally remember the logistics of my private deck and that coupled with the fact that I toured the apartment at nighttime leaves me with a very vague sense for my plant growing capabilities. Still, fingers crossed, I hopefully can grow an Eden in and outside of my apartment!

Plants that grow well together:

Plan to grow

  • Beets with Lettuce
  • Borage with Strawberries
  • Marigolds with Tomatoes
  • Marigolds with Cilantro (I love me some cilantro)
    “I re-started my cilantro from seed while my basil flourished, and within 5 weeks, had a great cilantro crop, and came home one day to find it crawling with white flies, which infested my basil. I ended up tossing both plants in frustration. Just starting over from seed now in larger pots with more root space, and marigolds to help repel the white flies should they try to come back. I’m no expert yet, but I figure a few more cycles of mistakes are yet to come :-)” — MMaves
  • Succulents- When watering Cacti and Succulents in the home, wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Then water well, and let any excess water drain off. For good lighting, Southern and Western exposure windows are the best, although North and East will suffice with cautious watering. Fertilize sparingly every 4-6 weeks April through September. Allow the plant to remain dormant for a period of rest with little or no watering December through February.
  • Wheatgrass

“Mist twice a day”

Getting Started

  • Chicken Manure (Nitrogen fertilizer)
  • Containers w/ drainage holes, rocks to aid drainage and retain potting soil.
  • Container appropriate soil.

Also, mounting a bunch of air plants on the walls of my apartment

“Magic Wand, make my monsters grow!!”

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Moving in 15 days! So many ideas… must remember them.


1. 3v hooks + clothespin= storage for gloves, etc…


1. Make my own hanging organizer from canvas totes

2. Store extra linens and blankets in suitcases.

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1. Upright shelving

Landlord friendly option- curtain tension rods strategically placed

2. Organize d’em potlids- Wire magazine rack

3. Then on to pots- Ikea rail system

4. Paper Towel Rack, in line w/ design aesthetic of living room guitar holder


1. Update tiles

2. The many uses for tension rods

Living room

1. Hang my instruments

2. Hide the modems-

3. Paint those frames

4. Reupholstering furniture


1. wrapping paper storage- wires loft

2. Under-shelf shelf

3.  Spray paint accents in brushed metal color to ensure uniformity

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Honestly WTF… DIY

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Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four things that boys do that you hate.
Day Eight: Three things that boys do that you love.
Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession
Day One- Elephant
1. You deserve a better life
2. You are the most successful person I know. Hands Down.
3. One of these days…
4. Man-ning up for one day takes more strength than one million days leveling your spell casting skills.
5. Boys suck, wait for one worth your time
6. People don’t appreciate naivete, practice maturity and you will gain respect.
7. Accuracy over quantity, think before you blurt things out
8. Hi.
9. You are a horrible person, and you’ve ruined lives around you
10. Be independently happy

Day one- Cantaloupe
1. This is the first time that I’m really proud of you. Don’t fuck up.
2. The plans are scary.
3. Misinterpretations are dangerous.
4. I hope karma is biting you in the ass. Thanks for stealing my milk in kindergarten. Jokes on you – I hate milk.
5. You didn’t foresee your future like this. Sorry.
6. I won’t give up proving to you that I can be successful without following the ‘Asian route.’
7. You deserve more.
8. Please. Grow. Up. NOW
9. Don’t become a big slut. Have a bright and shiny future. Better than ours.
10. I’ll always be there for you. No matter what happens.

Day one – Banana
1. I l ove you no matter what. I wish you were more understanding and less stubborn. Our relationship could be much better if you were.. Time is short.
2. You are not the most unfortunate person in the world and you are not perfect. You can be a great friend and I want happiness for you. Stay positive and positive things will follow. Let loose and be free once in a while!
3. You’re awesome. AWw YeaHh. You’ve really helped me through a lot and words cannot convey how grateful I am to have a friend like you.
4. You broke my heart. I’m still a little bitter… but thank you. I experienced what it was like to really love someone and through the pain you put me through I’ve become a much stronger person… tho still a little bitter.
5. You suck big monkey balls and you’re the biggest asshole I’ve ever come across. But I like you still. I know you’re not all bad but you really need to man up and be a better person! Your actions and the things you’ve been putting many people through is all the work of the weak. Stop being weak.
6. You are the sweetest girl and you have so much to live for… I just wish you could see that.
7. I kindov regret you. ha ha ha. I did not know I could be turned off in so many ways. You’re cool tho, sorry.
8. I may have the hots for you. Just a little.
9. I love you!
10. You can be annoying but you are a nice, good person. I’m sorry I’m such an asshole to you sometimes.

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Ever wish you could dress your man-bot, or yourself if you’re a man-bot,  like the stylish men you see on the tube?

Well, now you can… sort of. Check out: NerdBoyfriend.com

Will you be my neighbor?

Fred Rodgers: Will you be my neighbor?

Jeff Goldblum

Grand Master Flash and Fab 5 Freddy

Go on, make the men in your life glad they got you.

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