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Charmin continues their Enjoy The Go / #tweetfromtheseat campaign with this fresh new video. They are just being honest.

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Evian: baby&me  #evianBabyAndMe

And for memories’ sake: Roller Babies

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Last year, I worked on an video ad for Tide Vivid White and Bright, featuring Betty White. This video was nominated for Ad Age Creativity and Tremor Video’s Super Creative Video Ad Challenge. Although we didn’t win – MIller Lite, Mustang and Air Wick took home the awards – I won another award that I can be proud of: being featured in Ad Age!


Do you see me??????? Being in Ad Age is a huge honor for me. I know that I’m not being featured in an article or doing anything super cool, but still. I. AM. IN. AD. AGE. Just little ol’ me, a girl from Boston with a big dream of moving to New York City to be in advertising. During my undergrad years, our college professors always touted Ad Age and told us to subscribe to the online publication. This just shows me that dreams can happen!

Jimmy also happened to complete this dream with me by luck. I had a plus one and invited him. What a lucky accountant. 

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I have many loves in my life. My family/friends,  my boyfriend (this post and that), and my career. And because of that C word, I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life – moving to NYC, the advertising mecca of the United States. I will learn the most from NYC and personally, ad execs always have this aura about them just because they’ve spent time in NYC. It’s a rite of passage.

One thing about myself is that I DON’T SETTLE. I didn’t work hard during my undergrad + grad years, learning all that I could through industry mags, extracurricular activities, internships practically every semester, and graduating w/ summa cum laude both times (3.8+ GPA) just to settle. That would be a disservice to myself.

After receiving a few offers,  I decided to go with Horizon Media as a jr. digital media planner for their retail clients.  HMI is a medium sized agency w/ an entrepreneurial spirit.  They were recently named Ad Age’s 2010 Media Agency of the Year, AdWeek/BrandWeek’s 2010 Media Agency of the Year, & on Fast Company’s 2011 10 Most Innovative Advertising & Marketing Agencies. When I interviewed around, many agencies told me that I would essentially be doing admin-like work and wouldn’t be able to come up w/ strategies for clients, but at Horizon, I get to do this. The people are amazing and the opps/experience are endless. In fact, last week, my sup. gave me an additional responsibility – to become the mobile strategist for our retail clients.

Everyday is a challenge b/c I’m constantly learning something new. My mentor, Ashleigh, is so brilliant. She was promoted from a Jr. Digital Media Planner to a Digital Media Planner in TEN MONTHS. That’s how smart she is. She told me that I knew more in 1 month than she did, so I’m hoping that I’m on the pathway to being like her.

Random Facts:

  • I didn’t go out much in February b/c NYC  living is expensive and I want to build up income before I spend $$$. It’s working so far. I’ve started to make more hangout plans in March 🙂
  • My 24 hrs gym is Harbor Fitness. I’m not used to seeing men at the gym (and these men skew meatheads), especially after going to an all-females gym at Healthworks, which I miss a lot. Healthworks, come to NYC!
  • It’s a good day when I get free lunch (occurs at least 3X a week). It’s a bad day when I have to pay for my own lunch. I am petrified of the Media 15.
  • I went to an AdAge event last Thursday, celebrating the top agencies in 2010. So fun!

    HMI @ AdAge Ad-List Cocktail Event

They served fun Yahootini! cocktails w/ a "flashing icecube"

  • I recently applied for volunteer opportunities involved with literacy. I hope these orgs get back to me! I may also join my pal James Chen in dragonboat. I haven’t done it in 3 years (has it been that long? yikes) so I know I suck.
  • I have an sick obsession with biz cards & I love collecting my pals. I recently added mine to their collection. FRIENDS WITH BIZ CARDS – PLEASE SEND ME YOURS IF I DON’T HAVE IT!

Off to spinning class. Bon apetit.

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With all the clutter that surrounds us, it isn’t surprising that marketers have turned to changing the way their products are packaged a la vending machines. Here are some of my faves:


To urge New Yorkers to learn about the effects of dirty water on developing countries and donate to the UNICEF, this company bottled dirty water in 8 lethal varieties, placed them into a vending machine, and sold them on the streets of Manhattan.


This 47-inch touch panel recommends a beverage for you based on gender, age, and environmental factors such as season, time of day and temperature. Accuracy: 75%! It’ll also store your purchasing history for purposes of targeted ads. Creepy. This is in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station; with plans to install 500+ in the city.


In cities across the UK, Drench’s machines challenge passersby to participate in brain games to win free drinks. Why? To illustrate that hydrated brains function better. How clever. You can also play these games online:  Drench site.


I read about this during June’s Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival.  This idea brings a smile to my face. Even the vending machine delights me (red does elicit feelings of hunger). The concept is simple: smile = get ice cream = photo may be on Unilever’s FB page, Twitter or Youtube. No smile = no ice cream. In the future, consumers will be randomly selected to receive free ice cream. Watch how SapientNitro created this.


Borrowing Japan’s idea of human vending machines, Kit Kat dropped a few of them into London’s Victoria for their ‘Working Like A  Machine’ campaign. Watch video here. FYI,  I could never work in a job like that.


New Zealand’s women’s lifestyle magazine, Flossie’s challenge: come up with a way to dramatize their mantra ‘Whatever you need, it’s on us.’ Solution: Packing real single men with vibrators into vending machines.


The Graffomat supplies spray paints, caps, gloves and permanent markets for graffiti artists who want to create a masterpiece on the spur of the moment. This should make the banana of the group happy 🙂 A mystery of whether this is real or a hoax surrounds this –omat.


Bodega, Boston’s hippest ‘underground’ sneaker store, is disguised as a convenience store. In order to actually get to it, you have to step in front of the faux Snapple vending machine to activate the hidden sliding door! Although this machine isn’t selling anything directly, it’s an innovative and experiential approach to entice people to check out the latest kicks.


Coca Cola has got it going on. They’ve been consistently named Interbrand’s #1 Best Global Brand for the past few years, so it’s no surprise that they’re on top of this technology.





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My apologies for not writing as much. This is my second week in NYC and I’m still getting acquainted. I’ve spent weekends walking for hours just to explore. of course, i don’t remember everything that I see, but I love that I can be spontaneous, and walk with no destination in sight (yet still be easily amused with what i stumble upon). last saturday, i walked for about 4-5 hours from brooklyn heights, across the brooklyn bridge, into greenwich village, then tribeca, which led into soho and finally chinatown. today? i walked for 9 hours around brooklyn heights and coney island. beautiful.

although, i’ve lived here for only 2 weeks, i’ve got mad love for brooklyn (at least, my area). I saw this video for Absolut Brooklyn and instantly thought I had to show you guys to give you a sense of where I live and what I see everyday.

***The video is actually for the Spike Lee designed Absolut Brooklyn

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Nike recently released the following ad and named it “among the best we’ve ever done.” Directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu, this spot chronicles how individual moments in World Cup can ripple globally, and stars soccer role models such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Landon Donovan and Ronaldinho.

It is definitely action packed and a good mirage of events, but I found myself getting distracted and wanting to fast forward the video (which I actually did the first time. I made myself watch it the whole way through the second time).

I love Nike advertisements. I find them memorable, and it always leaves me with a good feeling (the Tiger commerical not so much).W+K also understands what the audience likes and wants. Three of my favorites, which I would call ‘among the best,’ are Leave Nothing/Fate, The Chalk and Real Women.

Leave Nothing/Fate because of the storyline and how the music builds up to one pivotal moment

The Chalk (featuring Lebron James) because of the music, ritual and vintage feel:

Real Women because of the messaging (my favorite is Thunder Thighs). I actually collected all of these print ads and hung them up on my freshmen dorm wall.

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A while back, the cantaloupe of our trio blogged about Diesel’s new ad campaign.

We haven’t bought any of their merchandise, but I’m about to do some free advertising for them:

I guess it was a  pretty good ad campaign after-all.

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Initally, ABC and FOX told Lane Bryant that they would not air this commercial, if it wasn’t re-edited. (FOX decided to run it on April 28th during American Idol after 3 reedits, ABC thought it was still too racy and rejected it). I don’t see what’s wrong with this ad. Why does it have to be re-edited? Let’s compare it to 5 other racy ads or this current Victoria Secret ad airing on TV:

Both have attractive females, so what is the difference? A full-figured lady with more cleavage? Well, Lane Bryant is a plus-size clothing company so why can’t promote their new lingerie line Cacique? It’s what other lingerie companies do.

The average weight for an American woman is 162.9 pounds. I understand aspirational advertising, but I believe that it is okay to show a confident curvey woman in advertisements. It’s 2010. What are you telling girls who don’t have thin figures? That they’re not perfect enough?

Some believe that this is a publicity stunt. Well, so what if it is. There is a double standard and biased against big girls in this country. It should be addressed.

BOOBIES! – Jimmy told me to end this post this way…as you can tell, he loved the ad and thought the actress had a fairly good figure ‘for her size.’ Maybe you should ask your man to watch it and ask if they fsee anything disgusting with it.

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I’ve never thought about drinking water the same way I drink Dole, but benefits of this would be  being able to drink from the carton (water jugs are too heavy for me)  and it’s environmentally friendly (box is made from renewable resources)! The hello freaks me out a little though…just a little. I don’t know if it’s saying hello to me or saying HELLO (as in, you should know that…).

These Nestle Cuppets are just so cute. There are four flavors: banana, strawberry, mint and mango. Please take me to the closest ice cream shop 🙂

Purely for the reason that I love watermelon and I like that if you buy 6, it forms fruit slides! My least favorite part is actually using the product. I saw a photo of a white tissue coming out of the orange slice package and it was not appealing at all.

This is quite genius…and sustainable. I never know what to do with a shoe box – sometimes I just leave them under my bed because I MIGHT use them in the future and it takes up so much space. With this bag, I can fold it and more easily reuse it versus a cardboard box.

Designed by Paris based creative duo Fred & Farid, these limited edition cans glow in the dark. They will only be served in clubs and bars and are available in four flavors: Indian Tonic, Agrum, Lemon and Dark Side. haha. Can you imagine walking around and trying to look cool with glow in the dark cans?


The above speaks for itself: drink more = undress the girl. Another bar, in Brazil, had a different idea to make people think twice about drunk driving: charging them a $72,000 BAR TAB. I would sober up pretty quickly.

Amsterdam is running a RAINCAMPAIGN, a campaign that only uses rainwater. Every time it rains, the advertising campaign appears on the street, disappearing when the pavements have dried up. I think it’s pretty cool but I don’t think anyone walks leisurely in the rain – they want to get out of it! Watch the video below to see it in action:

The McDonald’s in Stockholm is tieing in a game with free food. No, it’s not Monopoly. Instead, it has expanded it’s gaming ways into an interactive billboard. Menu items bounce and fly through the screen. If someone is quick enough to get a picture of it, they get the food for free (of course, they have to head to MickeyD’s to seal the deal). It’s every MickeyD’s lover’s dream – just ask my boyfriend!


UK men’s magazine Che created the following advertisement centered around one man’s fantasy: a naughty babysitter.

I don’t think that’s the coolest part. Want to know what is? Their interactive microsite ‘The Blow Job.’  The mission: blow the girl’s skirt up via your microphone. I’m  no panty-seeking prevert, but I did this to see what would happen. You should too! 😉

I love the feeling of community,  team work, and winning. I also love really good music. No wonder why I love sneaker ads. Puma – Journey of Football falls into this category.

What’s good for a hangover? KFC? Ramen Noodles (Beef)? Soda? I’m really asking this question because I have no idea. Ever since I’ve graduated undergrad, I’ve been getting hangovers after drinking – probably since I don’t do it as frequently. I want to know the answer to this question badly! Vitamin Water is hinting that it is the solution to this problem, but should I believe it?

The Tiger Woods & Nike ad is a oldie, but goodie. Goodie why? Because I still think about it.  It annoys me. How dare they use his dad’s voice! His dad, who was also a cheater, should know how Tiger is thinking, feeling and if he learned anything by it. Does Tiger believe just because he looks sad, then people will love him again (but I believe that some groups, such as golfers, avid golf fans, and corporations who can make money off of him, will still love him as long as he golfs well)? UGH. Do you believe that it was a good PR move?

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