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I don’t understand all this hype about Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve talked to some of my friends who are also trying to finish this book, and they are in the same dire situation! This book bores me, like how Twilight bored me. The difference is, I made myself finish the entire Twilight series (it may have taken some Red Bull, but hey, it worked), but I can’t make myself go past a few pages of Fifty Shades. Every time I tell myself  “girl, you bought this for $10. Read the damn book.” and I open up to where I left off, I just can’t move past the next page.  I don’t see any initial passion at all between Christian and Anastasia. I just want to giggle at the awkwardness throughout the entire thing. If anyone at all loved it, please enlighten me.

Now, an amazing book I’ve read recently is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I finished this in one week and forced myself to slow down for fear that I wouldn’t read/find another goodie in a while. Midwestern Nick and New Yorker Amy, both writers, meet at a party in NYC. They fall in love, get married, and are super happy until they both lose their jobs due to the recession. They move to the Midwest, where Nick uses Amy’s money to open up a bar, called The Bar. On their 5th anniversary, she disappears; all signs point to him being the murderer. That’s not true. The best part is that you get to read the novel from both point of views, and learn about both of their dark, twisted, effed up loved up relationship. I never knew what to expect next, and that’s what I loved.

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Not that I struggle a ton with my identity, in fact I am pretty confident in my skin, but in a society where people are most comfortable when they can categorize, box and label people, I am amiss with which bucket I am dropped into. Also, with my 25th birthday steadily approaching, I wonder, if faced with a life or death choice, which to categorize myself?

What three words would your friends use to describe you?
Putting aside the flattery which I assume inevitable: Hilarious, Inappropriate, Bitchy, I’ve definitely been described as the following:

  • Vegetarian– This one is probably most perplexing. While I am very content eating tofu, soy protein and tempeh until I explode, I absolutely scarf down meat. Hello, hot-pot, Short-ribs please! I am the chair of my company’s green team and spout ecologically friendly non-sense to all that will listen. Next Friday, I’m taking over my company’s beer time and making them drink eco-friendly beer. I suppose this could be construed as vegetarian…
  • “Granola Child” Hippie– The tree-huggin’, granola eatin’, guitar carryin’, no deodorant wearin’ kind. Ok, GUILTY. I’ve been known to hug a few trees, whilst eating granola. Related to my point earlier, I’m all about the Earth. I play the guitar and through the magic of genetics I don’t need deodorant. I probably should wear some though because my ever-lovin friends could be lying to me about how I smell.

  • Martha Stewart Craft Types– This woman is my idol. That financial rebel with her knack for making ponchos, even in jail. Whoa buddy, if I got to beat some dough with Jim Cramer… life fulfilled!  I have neither the cooking skills nor income to create the table spreads that Martha is capable of, but reading her magazines is like life porn. One day, if I read enough Apartment Therapy articles, I will attain a shred of her awesomeness.
  • Hipster– It literally took me two hours to figure out which hipster I was. I am for sure not the stereotypical hipster who wears ironic shirts and mainlines PBR into her body. I don’t have a minimum-wage job, I don’t think I’m über cool, yet pretend I am anti-cool. I’m not particularly fashionable and I listen to indie-folk music that everyone has probably heard of. BUT, and this is a pretty substantial but, I do encompass these tell-tale traits which are identifiers of the D.I.Y Hipster:
  1. I am a very serious coffee drinker. I could spend days hanging out in coffee shops. I go to as many different and new coffee shops no matter where I visit. It’s my thing, I suppose; some people collect stamps, I journal the cafes I go to.
    Currently, my favorite cafes in the Boston radius are:
    (Harvard Sq.) for best overall
    (Kendall sq.) for best espresso drinks
    Cafe on the Common (Waltham) for best brewed coffee
    I currently live in Southie, which is where coffee goes to die. No, really, I went to several highly rated “cafes” to try them out. Between the assortment of flavored coffees and iced coffee default options, I was sorely disappointed. It’s like Dunkin’ Donuts and a convenient store had ugly coffee babies. Still, I managed to find one viable option: American Provisions, which is more organic grocery store than cafe. Decent brewed coffee + kind personable owners, something I could get behind.
  2. I’m all about crafting things that are kitschy, from making art out of paint chips to making scarves from t-shirts. I read these blogs daily for inspiration: Bloesem, A Beautiful Mess
  3. I shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. My Lucas is Gluten-Free, so that’s new. Learning how to make a lot of food from this amazing website, Gluten Free Goddess.
  4. I wear two types of eye-ware: Thick-rimmed glasses and these bad boys:
  5. On any given day I style myself similarly to this well-known face:

    Not always flattering, but it makes me happy. 🙂

Well there you go, readers, I fall somewhere into those groups.

Anyway, Happy Easter, y’all!

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“Speeding, the atoms of my body hurling away from each other. I grow lighter, less dense, and larger… exploding outward into the sun. I am an expanding universe swimming upward in a silent sea small at first encompassing with my body, the room, the building, the city, the country, until I know that if I look down I will see my shadow blotting out the Earth”. – Charlie Gordon, Flowers For Algernon Daniel Keyes.

I sat in a lull of reading, starting books only to put them down and never revisit. Becoming disheartened that one of my favorite hobbies was dying a slow and boring death, I picked up Flowers for Algernon intrigued by the premise. It told the story of an experiment to artificially implant intelligence the way a man with no arms gets prosthesis. It is narrated from the point of view of Charlie Gordon who begins his journey with an IQ of 68, rises to become one of the leading minds in the world, then crashes past his genesis. I flew through the story gripped by the progression of a man experiencing unnatural trajectory, which aptly described the obstacles of socialization, learning and love from an unbiased point of view, feelings the way I imagine an alien would experience while trying to assimilate into human society.

From my enjoyment, I swore up and down the book was only 100 pages or so, but as I fact checked for this post I discovered the story is actually 311 pages long. Flowers for Algernon is a very easy to digest story and an excellent read for those accustomed to reading or not.

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