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UNO – Laura Marling:

Is an English folk musician from Eversley, Hampshire.Initially prominent within the London folk scene, she has also toured with a number of well-known indie artists in the UK. Her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim and her second album I Speak Because I Can were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2008 and 2010 respectively. She won Best Female Solo Artist at the 2011 Brit Awards.

I’ve like every song I’ve heard by her so far.  Beautiful, really, makes all artists on the Top 40 shameful.

DOS – Ben Sollee

cellist and vocalist known for his percussive playing style, genre hopping songwriting, wide appeal, and political activism. His music incorporates banjo, guitar, percussion and unusual cello techniques to create a unique mix of folk, bluegrass, jazz and R&B.

Cellos ooze cool. You might not know it yet, but they do. They just ooze it as if Shredder himself poured the cool sounds straight into the sewers of my mind. Ben Sollee takes it to a new level differentiating himself from cello players like Yo-Yo Ma and making it socially acceptable for me to love cellos all over the place.

TRES- Jenny Owen Youngs

Her album Batten the Hatches was self-released in 2005. In 2006, a song from that album, “Fuck Was I”, appeared in the second season premiere of Showtime’s Weeds, resulting in Batten the Hatches being re-released on April 10, 2007 with new artwork and an extra track (“Drinking Song”)] on the Canadian indie label Nettwerk. “Fuck Was I” was also released on Weeds: Music from the Original Series, Vol. 2.

She was introduced to me by a friend and caught my attention with her quirky style. Pretend you’re not tickled by “Hot in Herre” for once in your life.

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This Korean phenom, Kim Yeo Hee, is astounding. She uses iPhones and iPads to cover popular music.

Watch her create Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars from scratch.

She’s not just a magnificent manipulator of technology, she is musically very talented, playing guitar and piano while singing.
Here she performs a rendition of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok

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About three years ago, maybe longer, I heard a song by the Weepies. I went through my usual phase of love the song, learn how to play it on the guitar and then completely destroy the song with my voice, and not in a good way either. The Weepies endured my harsh treatment of their music; still whenever the song, “Gotta Have You” comes on, I listen and smile. I’ve been on a real Pandora kick lately, for no other reason than it’s there. Mostly I hate Pandora. Nevertheless, I added The Weepies as a station and on came this song, “Ashes in your Eyes” by Deb Talan.

I fall head over heels in love with her voice– I mean hard. Practically every song makes me want to listen over and over again. Probably in this day and age, being 20-something, folk-pop is having kind of a hard time, but I love it. Call me a hippie or whatever you want, but definitely check out a few of these songs.

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So, in light of the huge popularity of the last Blog Challenge, let’s do another!

Day 1 – Three names you go by.
Day 2 – Three facts about yourself.
Day 3 – Three things that happened today.
Day 4 – Three favorite songs right now.
Day 5 – Three breakfast foods you enjoy.
Day 6 – Three things on your current to-do list.
Day 7 – Three colors you like.
Day 8 – Three words you think others would use to describe you.
Day 9 – Three objects you can’t be without.
Day 10 – Three ways to win your heart.
Day 11 – Three favorite movies.
Day 12 – Three appetizers you enjoy.
Day 13 – Three places you’ve lived.
Day 14 – Three important people in your life.
Day 15 – Three things you want to say to three different people
Day 16 – Three that made you happy today.
Day 17 – Three things you want to do before you die.
Day 18 – Three favorite TV shows.
Day 19 – Three home-cooked meals you enjoy.
Day 20 – Three things the world would be better without.
Day 21 – Three of your guilty pleasures.
Day 22 – Three things you are afraid of.
Day 23 – Three places you want to visit.
Day 24 – Three things you do before you go to bed.
Day 25 – Three favorite books.
Day 26 – Three types of desserts you enjoy.
Day 27 – Three crazy things you wouldn’t mind doing.
Day 28 – Three things you like about yourself.
Day 29 – Three things that you look for in a partner.
Day 30 – Three life lessons you’ve learned so far.
Day 31 – Three ways you bid farewell


Day 10 – Three ways to win your heart.

  • Food- Cook, or at least enjoy eating food with me.

Tuna Tartare, one of my most loved dishes

  • Read books and start discussion.

  • Humor me. Make me laugh, and laugh at my bad jokes.

Day 11 – Three favorite movies.

  • The shot above is from of my favorites. If you do not recognize that still, you probably cannot win my heart.
  • Idiocracy– a lot of people don’t get this movie. I don’t think they give it enough chances. When first watched, it is seriously inane. Beavis and Butthead in live action, but on the second go around, you find it really is an accurate satire on the trajectory of society. Also, it offers quotable quotes such as this, “Don’t worry, scrote. There are plenty of ‘tards out there living really kick-ass lives. My first wife was ‘tarded. She’s a pilot now.”
  • The Sound of Music – I have been able to sing every note of this movie since I have been able to produce sounds. 

Day 12 – Three appetizers you enjoy.

  • I’m really good at getting ahead of myself. Tartare and Carpaccio of all sorts rank high on my list of appetizers.
  • Fresh Rolls

  • Seaweed Salad

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I spend about 60-80+ hrs doing work for my career (this includes work that I do at home, and is partially because I have “two” titles and 8 different retail clients, which may grow). Thus, I am going to pick & choose which THREES I’m going to participate in & only blog 2 (of course, after the respective day has passed!). I’m badass like that. 🙂

Day 3: Three Things That Happened Today

  1. I am in semi-charge of a media plan for one of my clients. This is exciting because I get to decide which publishers I want to go with & where to advertise.  Initially, I thought that I would act as a support to the sr. media planner, but she’s giving me more power than I thought I would get. Each day, the plan is getting tighter.
  2. I’m going to opening day at Yankees Stadium biatches! I don’t even know anything about baseball. Maybe I’ll see Derek Jeter, Alex Rod, & their famous girlfriends!
  3. Tina Lin & I are going to the Governors Ball in June! Just bought tickets. holler girltalk, passion pit & pretty lights.

Day 4 – Three (well four) favorite songs right now

These are supah old, but I’ve been listening to these artists non-stop at work. APunk and Animal doesn’t work, but lets you go to YouTube! to listen to them.

Vampire Weekend – APunk

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Miike Snow – Animal

& one for kicks: Neon Hitch – Cooler Than Me

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Day 4 – Three favorite songs right now

  1. Dying Day – Brandi Carlile

  2. Twice – Little Dragon

  3. Antidepressant- The Eclectic Collective

Day 5 – Three breakfast foods you enjoy

  1. Preserved mustard and turnip congee
  2. Fruit
  3. coffee, lots and lots of coffee

Day 6 – Three things on your current to-do list

  1. Paint that desk
  2. Book a hotel for the last night of my vacation to Puerto Rico in April.
  3. Transfer my checking to my savings


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