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Last year, I worked on an video ad for Tide Vivid White and Bright, featuring Betty White. This video was nominated for Ad Age Creativity and Tremor Video’s Super Creative Video Ad Challenge. Although we didn’t win – MIller Lite, Mustang and Air Wick took home the awards – I won another award that I can be proud of: being featured in Ad Age!


Do you see me??????? Being in Ad Age is a huge honor for me. I know that I’m not being featured in an article or doing anything super cool, but still. I. AM. IN. AD. AGE. Just little ol’ me, a girl from Boston with a big dream of moving to New York City to be in advertising. During my undergrad years, our college professors always touted Ad Age and told us to subscribe to the online publication. This just shows me that dreams can happen!

Jimmy also happened to complete this dream with me by luck. I had a plus one and invited him. What a lucky accountant. 


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and I saw this, my mind would explode, for sure.

Marquese Scott dancing to dubstep.

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Followers of this blog are probably aware I shy away from the confines of tradition.  So, when my brother, the smartest person I know, sent me the article, “Economists in Love: Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers,” my eyes lit up. I found my relationship gurus for life!

The key principles UPenn economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers follow are surprisingly on point:

  • Weighing marriage based on cost-benefit analysis– It does not pay to work and be married!
  • Productivity gains stemming from the comparative advantage of husbands doing husbandy things (like feeding the pets) and wives doing wifey things (like paying the bills)
  • Empirically analyzing the risk of child-napping to the risk of said child sticking finger in a socket and proportioning concern based on likelihood of risk
  • Avoidance of moral hazard in a relationship by avoiding asymmetric information
  • Specialization’s answer to why husbands should always change the diapers

While I am disappointed they’ve allowed their emotions to foster in a baby, I suppose at the very least they are uber-qualified to produce upstanding offspring. Also, they are redeemed by the quote, “The stylized fact is that people with kids are less happy than people without kids.  It’s worse than that: parents are happier either just before the kids are born, or after they leave the nest; and even during any given day, parents are unhappy when doing childcare.” Amen to that!

Head over to the site Spousonomics. There are a few other Economists in Love articles which are entertaining if not informative.

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I’m a little late to watch this video, but it is because of things like this that I support Obama:

It severely sickens me to hear someone call another person a “faggot” even in jest. I have witnessed real hatred that stems from sheer ignorance and in those moments I lose a little hope in people and especially in this country. Still, seeing a project such as It Gets Better revitalized the belief that one day people will realize homophobia is an unjust as racism– that it really is none of our business what the LGBT  does with their personal time and that we are in no way superior enough to place restrictions on their lives. It is a real travesty what a hateful minority of people are doing to human beings that want nothing more than to have the luxury of a normal– life like the ones experienced by the hateful minority.

I believe though that it will get better and hope that the readers of this blog can also support this belief.

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She looks like a total slut.

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I have many loves in my life. My family/friends,  my boyfriend (this post and that), and my career. And because of that C word, I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life – moving to NYC, the advertising mecca of the United States. I will learn the most from NYC and personally, ad execs always have this aura about them just because they’ve spent time in NYC. It’s a rite of passage.

One thing about myself is that I DON’T SETTLE. I didn’t work hard during my undergrad + grad years, learning all that I could through industry mags, extracurricular activities, internships practically every semester, and graduating w/ summa cum laude both times (3.8+ GPA) just to settle. That would be a disservice to myself.

After receiving a few offers,  I decided to go with Horizon Media as a jr. digital media planner for their retail clients.  HMI is a medium sized agency w/ an entrepreneurial spirit.  They were recently named Ad Age’s 2010 Media Agency of the Year, AdWeek/BrandWeek’s 2010 Media Agency of the Year, & on Fast Company’s 2011 10 Most Innovative Advertising & Marketing Agencies. When I interviewed around, many agencies told me that I would essentially be doing admin-like work and wouldn’t be able to come up w/ strategies for clients, but at Horizon, I get to do this. The people are amazing and the opps/experience are endless. In fact, last week, my sup. gave me an additional responsibility – to become the mobile strategist for our retail clients.

Everyday is a challenge b/c I’m constantly learning something new. My mentor, Ashleigh, is so brilliant. She was promoted from a Jr. Digital Media Planner to a Digital Media Planner in TEN MONTHS. That’s how smart she is. She told me that I knew more in 1 month than she did, so I’m hoping that I’m on the pathway to being like her.

Random Facts:

  • I didn’t go out much in February b/c NYC  living is expensive and I want to build up income before I spend $$$. It’s working so far. I’ve started to make more hangout plans in March 🙂
  • My 24 hrs gym is Harbor Fitness. I’m not used to seeing men at the gym (and these men skew meatheads), especially after going to an all-females gym at Healthworks, which I miss a lot. Healthworks, come to NYC!
  • It’s a good day when I get free lunch (occurs at least 3X a week). It’s a bad day when I have to pay for my own lunch. I am petrified of the Media 15.
  • I went to an AdAge event last Thursday, celebrating the top agencies in 2010. So fun!

    HMI @ AdAge Ad-List Cocktail Event

They served fun Yahootini! cocktails w/ a "flashing icecube"

  • I recently applied for volunteer opportunities involved with literacy. I hope these orgs get back to me! I may also join my pal James Chen in dragonboat. I haven’t done it in 3 years (has it been that long? yikes) so I know I suck.
  • I have an sick obsession with biz cards & I love collecting my pals. I recently added mine to their collection. FRIENDS WITH BIZ CARDS – PLEASE SEND ME YOURS IF I DON’T HAVE IT!

Off to spinning class. Bon apetit.

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It doesn’t hurt to ask. Isn’t that what we’re all taught? Well, Craig Rowin, beggar/comedian, asked for a million dollars from a billionaire, and he’s going to receive it on February 2nd at the UCB in NYC at 8PM. I am a little jealous if it all goes down accordingly, but hot damn. He’s freaking lucky.

Video 1: Craig asks for a million dollars

Video 2: Success

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