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Moving in 15 days! So many ideas… must remember them.


1. 3v hooks + clothespin= storage for gloves, etc…


1. Make my own hanging organizer from canvas totes

2. Store extra linens and blankets in suitcases.

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1. Upright shelving

Landlord friendly option- curtain tension rods strategically placed

2. Organize d’em potlids- Wire magazine rack

3. Then on to pots- Ikea rail system

4. Paper Towel Rack, in line w/ design aesthetic of living room guitar holder


1. Update tiles

2. The many uses for tension rods

Living room

1. Hang my instruments

2. Hide the modems-

3. Paint those frames

4. Reupholstering furniture


1. wrapping paper storage- wires loft

2. Under-shelf shelf

3.  Spray paint accents in brushed metal color to ensure uniformity

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I’m a little late to watch this video, but it is because of things like this that I support Obama:

It severely sickens me to hear someone call another person a “faggot” even in jest. I have witnessed real hatred that stems from sheer ignorance and in those moments I lose a little hope in people and especially in this country. Still, seeing a project such as It Gets Better revitalized the belief that one day people will realize homophobia is an unjust as racism– that it really is none of our business what the LGBT  does with their personal time and that we are in no way superior enough to place restrictions on their lives. It is a real travesty what a hateful minority of people are doing to human beings that want nothing more than to have the luxury of a normal– life like the ones experienced by the hateful minority.

I believe though that it will get better and hope that the readers of this blog can also support this belief.

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Because this is so perfect for you.

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Hoh. Mah Gawd.

I’ve just revolutionized your life.
You can thank me later.

P.S. same site that I blogged about here.

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Oh my Martha Stewart !

I’ve stumbled upon the holy grail of DIY home projects to make my trendy yet obsessive compulsive heart palpitate with joy. Go Gleek out at the Walls of necklaces, ladders doing reconnaissance work as closets and bookshelves and more.

– Christine

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