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I gave my seat to an elderly woman, and was subsequently offered, generously, the seat beside her by another man. The elderly woman proceeded to accost me about my tattoo. “Why have it!?” she said. When I replied that it served no other purpose than just to please me, she turned her back toward me in disapproval. Funny world we live in.

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What kind of business professional keeps his things in a trash bag and broken briefcase?

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I’m sitting next to the spitting image of the dean from Community, Dean Pelton. Now if only he were wearing hot pants and sailor’s hat, or a burlesque costume; my day would be totally made. Happy Friday!

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Zig-zagging through traffic, I am almost hit by a bike doing the same– a case of double crossing.

Also, my first run-in with an albino at Mental Square.

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Girl says she’s “Orientating” herself when I offer help reading the bus schedule. Should I be offended by the allusion she’s, “‘Face toward the East‘-ing herself” or just feel bad for her because she’s, “Palinizing” words?

Side note– definite double standard when Prince Harry’s party-hard girlfriend gets sloshed about a gossip-rag for picking a wedgie, but man two feet away from me gets away with picking wind breaker shorts wedgie.

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Like Christine, I am going to continue my Blogathon.

Day 7 – Three Colors You Like

The many shades of pink, blue, and green. I wish that’s what my wardrobe consisted of, instead of grey, black and white.

Day 11 – Three Favorite Movies

I am a total girly girl. I first saw i am sam with my sister because she won free tickets. The only thing you could hear in entire theater, filled with women, was sobbing and nose blowing. | you’ve got mail stars the perfect romantic duo in nyc – tom hanks and meg ryan. no current male actors can compare to the talents of tom hanks – wilson anyone? i also liked that this movie involved books. | miracle on 34th st. always made me happy during the holidays, and dylan mcdermott was super hunky back in the day.

Day 12 – 4 Appetizers You Enjoy

Shrimp and Crimp Fun-Doo at Uno’s Chicago Grill |  Avocado Salad at Genki Ya | Salmon + Tuna + Yellowtail Tartare at Shobu Sushi | Escargots Anywhere

Day 13 – Three Places You’ve Lived

Brooklyn (photo from the summer), current living space | My bedroom in Brighton, growing up |  Australia, Melbourne study abroad escape

Goodnight for now!

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I took some much needed time off to relax and enjoy what life’s got to offer. Check out some of my favorite pictures from the trip in the gallery below!

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