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I’m not the type of person to think about her future wedding day. Maybe just the color of my future bridesmaid dresses (emerald green, turquoise, or royal blue), season, or kind of food we would serve, but that’s the extent of it. I have/had a Save The Date board on “pinterest,” but then I got lazy and stopped pinning after about one week.

I would rather think about the type of family I would raise > a wedding. If I had it my way, I would just have a destination elopement to get it over with. I am not engaged, but I’ve thrown around this idea…Jimmy and my family are not sold on it, and said that Rachel, the youngest daughter (age 15), is only allowed to do this. We all know that Rachel is going to be the one with the most extravagant wedding. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ordered fireworks as a reception finale. -_-

Back to the family I would raise. Sometimes, I think of family scenarios that would happen. Hey, I have to think about something when I go running. Sometimes, when I’m upset, I think about the situation and over-analyze it in my head, but for the past few months, I’ve had more good days than I deserve. Today, I went through Jimmy’s work bag to look for our shared iPod charger. What did I find? Mountains of red pencils. I called him to ask about it, and he said “what do you expect? I’m an auditor.” I, then, envisioned a future scene: our son would ask Jimmy for help with his homework. Jimmy would take out his red pencil, circle everything and say some auditor insult like “He’s all liabilities, no assets” or “If brains were taxed, he’d get a rebate” or “If a meaningful analytical review were bird droppings, he’s have a clean cage.”

haha. Okay, I googled all of those insults and I actually L.O.L. Thank goodness my business degree was good for something = understanding auditor jokes.


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