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Everyday, I need a dose of my The Lumineers. Ever since I saw them in concert (Williamsburg no less – so hipster of me), I am a true believer of their voice, talent (each person plays about 5 instruments!), and charisma to take over the charts. I am obsessed with them, and I hope the rest of the world will follow suit. I feel like a proud mama – I have heard their songs recently in a Blue Moon commercial, a Bing commercial, and Vh1 You Oughta Know Live commercial. My roomie has even been creepily tracking their uptick in search (she uses their “fame growth” as a SEO teaching lesson in her monthly class)!

Can they just be super famous already?

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Can I just say that Google is a genius? In continuation of their first search engine ad during the Superbowl, they have come out with New Baby and Brother/Sister

Google: New Baby

Google: Brother/Sister

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It donned on me, recently, as technology becomes more comprehensive, humans as a species may lose their capacity for intelligence. There will always exist individuals who are able to trail blaze theories, inventions and more in far superior ways, but as a whole humans may become more stupid. In my lifetime, introductions were  made between humans and computers, cell phones, and probably most influential of all, the internet. With the creation of sites like Google, Wikipedia, and dictionary.com, we neutralize the need for mental retention. In other words, one doesn’t need to memorize information since one can research everything necessary instantaneously in the palm of one’s hand. One can scan and store, in short-term memory, the important parts of a fact for use in that moment, then forgotten once again in the next moment.

Just today I googled:

It’s already a circulated theory that television has bred new generations of people prone to developing ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder  (you can add that to the list of things I googled), which characterizes a person’s inability to stay focused on one task for extended periods of time. The theory is that television shows– children’s programming in particular– change subjects frequently and each segment generally does not last more than 15 minutes at a time; consequently, training one’s mind to expect something new after a few minutes. Without such change, our minds become restless and fail to remain productively engaged.

These changing environments coupled with human’s disposition toward proliferating the dumbest of our brood predicate a bleak future for the intelligence of human society.

It calls to mind one of my favorite movies, Idiocracy, written and directed by Mike Judge– creator of Beavis and Butthead. The movie is a satire about the future of man-kind, in which intelligent people rationally opt out of furthering their genetic pool, while those on the opposite end of the IQ spectrum populate with wild abandon. 500 years later, a nearly unrecognizable society exists, where intelligent thought is as extinct as dinosaurs and dodo birds. While the movie intends that the humor to derive from the hyperbole of human decline, the message is so spot on, it is frightening. In day to day life, I’ve seen children idolize people who have no grasp of grammar. People imitate others who believe the fast track to success and happiness is to forgo nurturing their IQ. The increasing dependence on technology for information-recall makes us more vulnerable to the whims of whoever controls the masses. If we do become less intelligent from the strides made in technology, we lose our ability to have free thought and in turn walk right into the lair of conformity.

Do you think technology is leading us down a path of unintelligence? Unsticking it to the man one gadget a time?


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The City of Love

appealing to my cheesy romantical side

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