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Evian: baby&me  #evianBabyAndMe

And for memories’ sake: Roller Babies


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8 days and counting! I can’t totally remember the logistics of my private deck and that coupled with the fact that I toured the apartment at nighttime leaves me with a very vague sense for my plant growing capabilities. Still, fingers crossed, I hopefully can grow an Eden in and outside of my apartment!

Plants that grow well together:

Plan to grow

  • Beets with Lettuce
  • Borage with Strawberries
  • Marigolds with Tomatoes
  • Marigolds with Cilantro (I love me some cilantro)
    “I re-started my cilantro from seed while my basil flourished, and within 5 weeks, had a great cilantro crop, and came home one day to find it crawling with white flies, which infested my basil. I ended up tossing both plants in frustration. Just starting over from seed now in larger pots with more root space, and marigolds to help repel the white flies should they try to come back. I’m no expert yet, but I figure a few more cycles of mistakes are yet to come :-)” — MMaves
  • Succulents- When watering Cacti and Succulents in the home, wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. Then water well, and let any excess water drain off. For good lighting, Southern and Western exposure windows are the best, although North and East will suffice with cautious watering. Fertilize sparingly every 4-6 weeks April through September. Allow the plant to remain dormant for a period of rest with little or no watering December through February.
  • Wheatgrass

“Mist twice a day”

Getting Started

  • Chicken Manure (Nitrogen fertilizer)
  • Containers w/ drainage holes, rocks to aid drainage and retain potting soil.
  • Container appropriate soil.

Also, mounting a bunch of air plants on the walls of my apartment

“Magic Wand, make my monsters grow!!”

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Oh my Martha Stewart !

I’ve stumbled upon the holy grail of DIY home projects to make my trendy yet obsessive compulsive heart palpitate with joy. Go Gleek out at the Walls of necklaces, ladders doing reconnaissance work as closets and bookshelves and more.

– Christine

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